Day 58: In Between Bubbles Never Felt So Good.

May 28, 2017

10:00 Pm

Total Miles: 773

Day 57

Great morning. Woke up early and ready to rumble. I left before Planner and made plans to see her later on.

I was crushing miles. It was fabulous.

The trail today took us in and out of a highway. Along the highway there were spots where you could pull over and look at the views. It was gorgeous of course.

Therefore, I saw alot more people than usual. Some day hiking. Some sitting and enjoying the views. Little bit of every one.

I strangely felt like a famous person. I constantly had people ask me “Oh are you a thru hiker!?”

Multiple people were so excited for me and left me with up lifting comments like

” Oh, you will make it.”

“You are making great time”

“I am so envious of you”

I won’t forget the woman who saw me coming from afar and had a beam of excitement pouring from her eyes. “Are you going thru?!”

Yes ma’am I am.

She squealed and clapped her hands together. “That is so awesome!” We proceeded to have small talk and I trucked on.

Each group of people made me smile from ear to ear… Ok yeah.. I guess it is pretty cool. ☺️

Later in the day I made it to a spot 3 miles from shelter and decided I would wait for planner. I actually was surprised she didn’t catch me while I was eating lunch. I tried to take an extra long time while chatting with a day hiker.

I sat and waited.. And waited… And waited some more. It had been almost an hour and a half. What the heck? There is no way I was going that fast and no way she was that far behind me.

Should I be worried?

Should I just head on?

A little bit later I see her pink flannel show between the trees. Finally! She immediately apologized and said “did you hit that trail magic?”

My jaw dropped. Ughhhhhhhhhh No!

This gal hit three different trail magics. I was just too early before all of them!

She said she had the same experience as me. That she felt kind of famous. One of her trail  magic was a family just driving through, saw her and got super excited. They Wanted to take pictures with her And gave her the food they had stashed in their car.

How lucky is that?

Planner was kind enough that she shared with me. She is a kind one. 😂

So we got to the shelter and ate some snacks and since the weather was so nice we decided to keep going 3 more miles to a camp site next to a stream and swimming hole.

No one was there. Score!! Tent site to our selves! Even better swimming hole to ourselves.

I Felt like a kid For some reason. It took me back to when I was a child looking for the best place to build a fort in the woods like I used to do. Thinking oh this branch would be best for some steps and a flat board. It could be the “hang out.”, (girls only of course) Etc etc. 😜

My imagination was sparked.

I walked further around the camp site with wide eyes and excitement.

There was so much potential. I loved having this feeling back.

I set up my tent and took off my tank and shorts and headed for the swimming hole.

Ice cold!!! So we got in thigh deep. It was a good ice bath for our worn out legs and feet.

It was nice to be in between bubbles of people and not constantly running into people.

We had the trail to ourselves it felt like.  It was really neat. I was loving it.

Day 58

This morning we got a short hitch to middle creek camp ground a mile away. They served breakfast so obviously why not go. ☺️

I ate a delicious egg sandwich and hash browns then we hung out for a little bit to let the heavy rain pass.

We set out while it was still raining. Not One hundred percent happy with our decision till an hour or so later when it stopped.

I was kind of grumpy today.

Everything was hurting. My foot. The constant knot in my back was worse than usual.  It was humid and the bugs would not leave me alone.


I was so irritable and then I got hangry.

Which is never good.

I think Planner could see the stream coming out of my ears. We stopped for lunch soon after.

But we had a shorter day of 17 miles and got to at least one good view.

The rain started back up for a little but stopped before we reached camp. Which is perfect.

I set an awesome bear bag line too. Not to toot my own horn or anything. But it is becoming a completion with myself to see if I can get the high branches.  😂 

We camped tonight us two and a guy named Bill. I constantly want to call him Bill Nye the science guy…

That theme song is stuck in my head. Bill. Bill. Bill. Bill. (some of you will know what I am talking about)

Its a nice camp spot and we have alot of down hill tomorrow. Yay!!

Iz and Oz

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