Day 89: Jungle Jim.

June 28, 2017

11:15 PM

Total Miles:1310

Day 88

Our beautiful camp spot was absolutely great last night…that is until it started to rain during the night. All of us had our rain flies off due to the past couple of days having great weather.

(We tried each others tents. Planners is like a coffin and I always make fun of her for not being able to sit up. But when I tried it I saw her inner liner had a zipper…  She can now sit up 😂)

Around midnight I flickered my eyes open as I started to feel rain drops falling on my face. At the same time I hear Planner yelling my name and see her outside her tent. “It’s raining!!”

NO! I jumped out of my tent and grabbed my rain fly. No. No. No.

The wind was not letting this task be an easy one.. I had to spread my arms as far as I could and toss it over my tent…multiple times. Finally I got it and hooked it in place. My stuff inside only became minimally wet.

It took a little bit of time but finally fell back to sleep once the adrenaline simmered.

Today we hiked only 6 miles to get into Delaware Water Gap.

The terrain wasn’t terrible so we arrived pretty early.

We first headed to the post office so I could pick up my new sleeping pad! I contacted sea to summit and sent pictures and what not and they sent me a brand new pad. I was stoked!

From there we headed to another church hostel that was donation based.

Pretty rad place.

From there we called from the list of people who would give us a shuttle around town and was blessed to be picked up by a wonderful gem named Jim. Jungle Jim.

He was a New Jersey guy that made jokes left and right. We hopped in his car and he was eager to show how New Jersey folks drive.

I learned quickly how so.

He took short cuts, served around, honked his horn, and then… I saw my life flash before my eyes.

Jim took a left hand turn extremely late when a big white truck was heading down the road. We are going to wreck right on my side.

Oh my god!!!


I flinched and tried to move to the other side. And we made it by a hair.

Jim stuck up his middle finger and gave the honking truck a stank face.

It was clearly the white tricks fault….🙈

Jim took us to WalMart to resupply and then back to the hostel to then take us back to a laundry mat that resided under a café.

I thought we were going to have some nice quiet time to read/get Wi-Fi…you know the needed chores done like up loading my pictures to drop box. But no.

Jim joined us in the café and talked/ made jokes for the whole 3 hours.

The man was a hoot! Quite hilarious but loud and overwhelming. You kind of had to love him. But after a while I was exhausted listening.

I got a yummy egg sandwich and mocha latte.

Around 3 Jim finally left and let us know that he could pick us up later if we needed it. So we hung out a little bit more at the café and then headed to a local movie theater.

They only show 3 movies at a time. It was so small and quaint.

We decided to watch wonder woman which I was initially against. But after the movie was so happy I saw it.

SO good. Yay for women being awesome!! 😉 How inspirational.

After our movie we went to a local restaurant for some dinner and headed back to the hotel with a ride from Jimbo.

There we met up with some other hikers and went to a local bar.

It was a blast. Whether the beer or like minded people… we were smiling and laughing all night.

Day 89

I slept comfortably on the wooden cots and arose fairly early.

Typed a few blogs as I waited for the rest of the tramily to wake up. Jet pack wanted his own feature in my blog… So I made him stand up for a picture. He commented “You need a hiking picture!”

We headed to a local café in hopes I could get some Wi-Fi to download pictures to drop box. That way I can have more storage on my phone.

We fell short on our search. The small town of Delaware water gap did not have an excessive amount of accessibility to Wi-Fi. So we got some breakfast…

did a little planning for the week, and headed out.

I was a little child and became grumpy about not being able to get more storage on my phone.. So I preferred to walk alone.

We crossed over into New Jersey pretty quickly.

and I almost immediately was taken back by all the views.

We took a nice 16 mile day since we  started the day later around 11.

The first view of the day came across a stunning lake above

They did not allow swimming but man how badly I wanted to take a dip.

Later I came across a 360 view and met up with Jet Pack.. We finally took his hiking picture 😉

I sat here for a while soaking in the views, sun, and cool weather.

A man was sitting not too far from me and started to chat with me.
He claim to come to this spot on the regular and said that the area Was filled with bald eagles and pointed one out to me.

I couldn’t stop staring. It was so majestic.

After a while I continued to truck on.

New Jersey continues to have rocks but they don’t seem as bad due to being more rounded instead on sharp sharks teeth like Pennsylvania,  thank the lord.

I ran across the Mohican lodge center and took advantage of their free Wi-Fi and snacks.

It was a little gem in the middle of no where.
From there I trudged on to camp site and ran across some more gorgeous views.

It was a good day after getting over my town dilemma and being back in the woods to calm down. ☺️

Iz and Oz

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