Day 106: Blessed Day.

July 15, 2017

10:08 PM

Total Miles: 1568

Day 106

Pancake breakfast!! It really happened and it was asolutely delicious. The caretakers took care of us well this morning. Pancakes and coffee.. for free…you can’t beat it.

It was a super foggy quite morning. I headed down by the lake to take in the peacefulness again before I headed out. The water had calmed down…. Breathtaking.

We had heard about a house along the way that was deemed the Cookie Lady House.

Cookies? I am in.

After about ten miles in, we reached it on this fantastic weather day.

We hung around for a while, had some cookies and had some delicious. Delicious. Blueberries. Woodpile and I thought she should be named the Blueberry lady instead. She was growing blueberries and raspberries all over. But mostly…Blueberries.


While there I thankfully remembered that I was told from two different people that they sent care packages to me there.

The first box I opened was from my best friend Jordan and  her mother Marcia.

You guys. You guys are great. Seriously. Not having to resupply is one of the best things ever! I especially loved my bracelet and new shirt! It felt like christmas.

Your support and love was truly felt. I miss you both greatly.

The next box was a surprise box from a fan named Dallas. Someone that I have never met, someone that I do not know. someone who had heard about me from REI where I used to work.

I don’t know if I can articulate my feelings when I opened this box and read the card you sent Dallas. But my heart was overflowing with joy. I had tears in my eyes reading your card. It was so unexpected but it means alot to know there are people out there who are rooting me on even if they haven’t met me.

A sincere. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

I look forward to meeting up with you when I finish my hike. 🙂

I spent a while laying on the Cookie Lady’s lawn chair and enjoyed the sunshine and feeling magically blessed.

As always, the sunshine makes for a great day.

We headed on and came across some trail magic. I was told the further north you travel the less trail magic you will receive…At least right now, that is so not true.

The man who was driving this van was named Rob and he travels around and does trail magic for thru hikers. A real sweetheart. I want to buy a van and make it like such and travel around with it. 🙂

We continued on for 7 miles to get to Dalton, Massachussetts.

Woodpile likes to catch frogs and put them in his pocket….and scare me.

We reached town and a man named Tom lets hikers stay in his backyard. He may have been one of the nicest trail angels we have met.

Colby Jack stayed there too. We all arrived and he showed us around his house and yard and offered a free soda.

Backyard camping…I was pumped. 🙂

We headed to Jacob’s a restaurant Rob and Tom both said we should go to and also a place where we should order the Reuben.

I followed these instructions and was not let down.


Tom told us not to buy ice cream at the ice cream shop because he has some for us.

So when we finally got back he went inside to get us ice cream. We thought it would just be a couple scoops but instead he made a whole sundae in some fancy bowls.

He truly made us feel special. I was so extremely thankful.

What a day. What an absolutely blessed day. I am a lucky woman.

Iz and Oz

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  1. Tom Lavardi is still probably my the kindest human I’ve ever met. I’m so glad you stayed there. I have the most amazing story about him and what he did for us that I’d love to share with you when you finish the trail and I’m hoping we can have a skype call or meet up with you somehow to hear the recap of your journey and hear your trail stories in person. But the short version of the story is that we arrived at Toms after one of our longest 20+ mile, wettest days of the journey, exhausted and feeling really low. I remember the skin had rubbed off of my toes and I wanted more than anything to get dry and fix my feet in a hotel but we didn’t have the money. Tom looked in Prestons eyes and said, “I have a place where you can get a shower and do your laundry and a warm bed to sleep in. ” And he not only let us stay inside his home and use his shower, but he insisted on doing our laundry for us and folded it and left it for us. (As you know usually people just tent in his yard) then he shared bagels and coffee with everyone the next morning in his own kitchen. I’ll never forget his kindness and how it totally saved me in one of those Trail moments where I felt exhausted and defeated and didn’t know how I’d keep going. And I got to fix my water rubbed feet! Those angels (and he is one of the best!) are the ones that make a 2000+ mile journey possible. And they are truly what make it beautiful. Isn’t it so wonderful the way the AT lets you see human kindness in such a new and refreshing way? Love to you Izzy!

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