Day 112: What Beautiful Mountains. 

July 21, 2017

9:07 PM

Total Miles: 1675

Day 111

We hiked 3 miles this morning into Manchester Center, Vermont.

We thought getting a hitch would be difficult but was quickly wrong. A woman was on her usual morning route and quickly pulled over, jumped out in her nice work attire, and opened her trunk and moved her belongings around. As if she has done this a million times.

We told her we thought a hitch would be hard and she laughed and said “oh no, its part of living here”.

Since the are two trails. The long trail and AT there are alot of hikers coming through town.

She said this town is so used to hikers… I love hearing that. 🙂

She dropped us off at a breakfast place she deemed the best called Up for Breakfast.

It was such a cute place that served real Vermont maple syrup.

See that little silver container in the left corner… Pure syrup on delicious pancakes. Oh I was in heaven.

If you can’t tell… Pancakes and eggs are my jam.

Breakfast was exactly what I needed and… This was a place I could see myself coming to and hanging out for hours either writing or reading. Such a cute quaint place. maybe Ill move here I thought.

From there we had to wait till 10 for a couple stores to open and I needed to connect to Wi-Fi to do blog work so we went.

After a few stops we went to the post office to pick up boxes. My final sunshine box from my grandma and aunt.

Absolute perfection. I couldn’t be more blessed with a supportive family like the one I have. Thank you times a million and one for your loving selves.

From resupplying we headed to a place called firefly restaurant. We were told by a local that that is the place for a good burger.

He was right.

It just may have been the best burger I’ve had on trail yet.

We stayed there charging electronics and hung around till 4ish. We had only 3 miles up the hill to our next shelter. We planned to keep today a short relaxed day.

While walking down the sidewalk heading back to the trail an elderly woman pulled over and opened her trunk. Another woman used to giving hikers a ride.

She was a doll.

She said she had hiked in the Himalayas even after a knee/ankle replacement. She seemed like one of those woman you don’t mess with.

We hiked the three miles that seemed easier than we thought and got to Bromley Mountain… It is a ski resort area in the winter but they keep it open for hikers to use in the summer for shelter.

It was such a gorgeous spot.

Naturally we played around on some of the equipment..

and we were able to have a fantastic watch at the sunset.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

Day 112

Felt great. Day after a burger is totally awesome. 😁 I remember blue suit telling me to always try to eat two town meals for good energy. Man…was he right.

Made it to a creek for lunch and decided we wanted to get in and take a big lunch break since we only had 8 miles left. We were crushing it. It was an ideal spot.

The water was cold and absolutely refreshing. It also helped wash our clothes out 😂

We set yourselves on big rocks and took naps soaking in the sun.

It was so relaxing by the water.

Finally we decided we needed to continue on and made it to little rock pond.

Gorgeous clear water pond.

I stuck my feet in trying to decide if I wanted to get all the way in again.

While standing there I felt things nibbling at my toes and it made me jump up on to a bigger rock.

After I looked down in the water and saw this spaghetti looking thing swimming around. What is that?!?

A leech.

AH! Decision made… I am not swimming.

Beautiful spot for laying outside of it. 😂

From there we continued on to the shelter and came across two different rock gardens. 

They just might be my favorite things.

Rock formations everywhere! Even some in the trees.

I decided I should add my own as well. So I made this little guy.

It made me smile As I stood staring at all the creations.

The mountains are becoming such a luscious beautiful green.

What a wonderful place we live in.

Iz and Oz

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  1. Praise the One who made the earth! “For the beauty of the earth. For the glory of the skies……….Lord of all to thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise”

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