Day 3: I came for the adventure. 

3:32 pm

Total miles hiked: 38.4

The first night David and I slept terribly. Every little noise made us wake. Glad I had a book on hand.

We started our trek and came upon a beautiful creek (above) and got more water and made breakfast (oatmeal) and had coffee. It completely increased my mood. Anyone who knows me… Knows I LOVE breakfast. 🙂
We made some ground and ended the day early at 12 miles because we didn’t have a bear canister for the next shelter. (we didn’t want to be fined 150$)

That evening alot of folks camped where we were and shared a few laughs together.

The big dilema was when to get up for fear of the thunderstorm rolling in in the morning since we had to hike Blood Mountain… The highest point yet of the trip and tough descent we were told. The entire mountain would be 5 miles until the next town at Neels Gap. Most everyone from our camp site planned to get a hotel today and not mess with the rain.

David and I decided to get up and start at 5ish so that we could have our stuff packed by the time we were hiking. (I slept SO much better, Dave gave me a pair of ear plugs)

So. We hiked blood Mountain in the dark and fog/rain. The decent was tough because it was rocks. Where if you tried to go slow you would slide. So the best way for me was to have a ton of fast baby steps.

We left at 5:50 and got to Neels at 8. Ate breakfast, restocked on food, and looked at the radar… The thunderstorm was going to get worse.

Naturally, We said, let’s get to the next shelter about 7/8 miles away anyway.

I came for the adventure. To stop and get a hotel 2 days in seemed unfitting. “hiking in a thunderstorm” became a little tune David and I kept singing after lightening and thunder would sound. The trail was a constant flow of muddy water and I had a smile on the whole time. I was taking it all in and loving it. On the decents David and I fly. I like to imagine I am skiing. 😂

This was the adventure I wanted.

Currently we got to Whitley Gap a little bit ago and have dethawed and plan to stay here for the night. Pigasis and Ben from the last camp site are the only one that came with us.

I have a little blister starting on my pinky toe and my Achilles tendon is sore. I plan to take care of it tonight.

Ozzy survived his first storm and I am so proud of him!!! 😊

That’s all for now folks! In
Iz and Oz

9 Replies to “Day 3: I came for the adventure. ”

  1. Loving all these posts!! I was thinking about you guys during the storm this morning, way to have a positive outlook on it! Excited to keep hearing about this journey!


  2. “What’s going to happen next?!!!!” May the adventure continue to unfold!


  3. I like to pretend I’m skiing too!! Lol! Yay for the adventure! I’m so happy for you!


  4. Thunder and lightning! Really.was that safe?? You know me. ….I want you safe, but have fun. Glad to hear often. Keep it up..ily

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  5. Was just in your store (you know which one) and found out about this blog. Was buying food for a section hike this summer from Hot Springs to Damascus. Had good discounts. Will be waiting anxiously to read your reports from that section but will religiously read your blog

    Liked by 1 person

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