Appalachian Trail 2017


It has been 21 days since I have been home. 21 days. I figured it was time to write a follow up post about being back home and adjusting to the “real world”… Difficult. Is pretty much how I can answer that question. For the first week I cried everyday. Simple things, simple doings. With … Continue reading Growth.

Day 151: A Day Full of Tears.

August 29, 2017 7:24 PM Day 151 This morning I woke up and had a sorrow feeling creeping around in my stomach. I quickly pushed it away. No Stop, I don’t want to do this. I woke up earlier than expected… I get the chance to sleep in and naturally can’t. Luckily Alex was awake … Continue reading Day 151: A Day Full of Tears.

Day 150: I Did It.

August 28, 2017 8:57 PM Total Miles: 2190 Day 150 Today is the day. Today is the last day of an adventure I have dreamed about for years. We woke up to a normal chilly Maine August morning. We all acted like the morning was a normal one, but in the back of everyone’s head … Continue reading Day 150: I Did It.

Day 149: Katahdin Here I Come.

August 27, 2017 8:01 PM Total Miles: 2185 Day 148 Today we woke up with energy. We had 15 miles to get out of the 100 mile wilderness. 15 miles to Abol bridge where there was a store for resupply and a restaurant. Town food… Yum yum yum! Planner and I hiked together and spent … Continue reading Day 149: Katahdin Here I Come.

Day 147: Hello Sandy Beaches.

August 25, 2017 8:30 PM Total Miles: 2159 Day 146 Finally! A good nights rest. I woke up this morning to Woodpile thrashing about at 6:00 sharp. What is this fool doing?! Woodpile, let me tell you…is the laziest, fastest hiker I have ever met. He will say so himself too. Therefore, he is never … Continue reading Day 147: Hello Sandy Beaches.

Day 143: Living The Dream.

August 21, 2017 7:42 PM Total Miles: 2074 Day 142 Hiking Thoughts: I hope everyone gets to say they have lived their dream. Whether for a long time or a short time, I hope each and every person gets to experience their own wild dreams of traveling to Italy, being a drummer in a band, … Continue reading Day 143: Living The Dream.

Day 141: Our last nero.

August 19, 2017 4:54 PM Total Miles: 2038 Day 140 Slept in till about 6:30. Getting outside my sleeping bag seemed impossible. Way too cold. Today was an easy terrain day. Flat flat flat plus 2 baby hills. I can do that. I can totally do that. It started to rain on us off and … Continue reading Day 141: Our last nero.

Day 137: The Trail Provides.

August 15, 2017 7:34 PM Total Miles: 1980 Day 136 Slept marvelously last night. I absolutely love my tent. The temperature was cold this morning. Its so strange being further up north for the summer. I’m so used to being in Kansas and having scorching hot summer days. The terrain today was a little bit … Continue reading Day 137: The Trail Provides.


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