Day 145: The 100 Mile Wilderness.

August 23, 2017

7:19 PM

Total Miles: 2113

Day 144

Shuttle back to trail and our first sign is for the 100 mile wilderness.

We all laughed at the sign that said we needed 10 days of food.

For section hikers maybe but we planned for five maybe six days, (lord I couldn’t imagine packing for 10 days though.)

Five or six days… Meaning we had to resupply our packs with that much food.

And for me… That meant to pack alot of food because I am a growing girl..😁

Therefore…my pack weighs a bajillion pounds.

A bajillion pounds.

Today was filled with what I would really call a roller coaster.

Short up and downs repeatedly all day, with my heavy pack I was sweaty instantly.

On top of ending our 19 mile day with a huge up hill.

Sleep has evaded me the past few days and has led to extremely tired legs..

The last up hill was exhausting. I started to think my legs would fall off. πŸ˜‚

I told Woodpile on the uphill…

“If there is a day that I die on the Appalachian Trail… Today will be it”.

Joking of course.

Thankfully, I made it to camp. And rather early around 5:15… Which ensured me a spot in the shelter. Whoohoo!

I am excited to get past tomorrow and have flat terrain till Katadhin!

Its been quite beautiful to see the trail being sprinkled with fall colors. A few trees have already started changing colors.. I bet the trail is stunning in the fall.

Day 145

Thank the lord I was in a shelter last night. Around midnight a heavy storm came rolling through.

It unleashed its cats and dogs.

All of us woke up from the drumming on the shelter roof.

It was nice to wake up this morning with all dry equipment. Whew.. πŸ˜…

Today had some additional climbs.

All day I had to remind myself that this was pretty much the last hard day of climbs.

Motivation in the morning was slim though as the trail was a sopping mess.

Mud and puddles of water covering the trail.

I even slipped and fell on some rocks on the .4 back to the trail from the shelter. Mother of pearl! I yelled.

“so this is how the day is going to go” I thought.

As the day went on my mood started to get better.

We had to ford a bigger steam than usual which caused us to have to take off our shoes. We reached the other side and snacked on food while our feet dried.

Day hikers kept rolling by and one couple with two kids talked to us about the trail. Then asked if we wanted an apple since they knew fresh fruit was hard to come by.


I felt like I ate it as if I have never eaten an apple before. It was so delicious. πŸ˜‹

Let me tell ya…its fiber definitely went straight through my system. In less than a mile I was in search for a tree to squat behind. πŸ˜‚

Tmi. Tmi.

Later in the afternoon I put my iPod in and finished the day around 5.

Us four and summer breeze (a girl we have leaped frogged with for a couple days) set up camp and enjoyed the fire that Woodpile and Alex started.

Ahhh.. The sky is clear and stars are starting to peep through.

I have 5 days left. It feels a little unreal.

Iz and Oz

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