Day 141: Our last nero.

August 19, 2017

4:54 PM

Total Miles: 2038

Day 140

Slept in till about 6:30. Getting outside my sleeping bag seemed impossible. Way too cold.

Today was an easy terrain day. Flat flat flat plus 2 baby hills. I can do that.

I can totally do that.

It started to rain on us off and on which was annoying. There was multiple spots where I thought to my self wow… This would be a gorgeous picture, but decided not to because I didn’t want to get my phone wet.

Today was a total of 17 miles. Planner and I flew.

We arrived to shelter around 3 o clock.

Yeah.. Earlier than ever. But ended up having to stay because a ferry that we had to ride stops at 2.

Planner and I were unlucky and had to setup our tents since the shelter was full of 6 people.

Dang it!! Initially we were frustrated but were thankful Woodpile had got there early and thought of setting up his hammock tarp for us to put our tents under so we wouldn’t get wet at all.

Sweetheart I know.

Planner and I hung out with the boys and a few other thru hikers at the shelter that resided next to a lake. Before we knew it we heard a boat coming up to the shore.


Sweetheart headed down to the shore ( We have been leap frogging with him for a while) and the man brought us snickers and kit Katz.

I cannot believe the generosity of people on the trail.

People are good.

I went back to my tent early and read and fell asleep pretty early.

My body is oh so tired.

Day 141

We woke up this morning and headed 4 miles to the river where we had to wait for a ferry. Which was actually a man steering a canoe across a river that we were not to ford.

The four miles was easy and flat.

The canoe ride was peaceful and amazing.

I wanted to set a bench up and drink my coffee while relaxing to the peaceful birds and sites.

Nevertheless, we had a touch farther to reach Caratunk, Maine.

The town holds about 63 people and is extremely tiny. We luckily found a spot at the Sterling Inn which is one of the nicest places we have stayed at. They are a B and B that just so happens to cater to hikers.

They came and picked us up from trail and had a good store for a resupply on the inside.

We were able to shower… An amazing scalding shower and do laundry. I spent forever in this shower…

I started to feel sleepy and took a wonderful nap before we all headed out for a meal and drinks…

Our last Nero couldn’t of gone any better.

I am satisfied and ready to conquer this last week of hiking

Wish me luck!

Iz and Oz

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