Day 139: 2000 miles down and 190 to go!

August 17, 2017

8:14 PM

Total Miles: 2016

Day 138

Started this morning out with heavy fog. Dang it. It felt like rain was creeping in since we could not see around us.

Today was loaded with gradual ups and steep, rocky downs.

The trail is rocky, muddy, and rooty (Lets pretend that’s a word)

I love the gradual ups.. I am all endurance. I set a speed and continue forward like a robot.

The views today were not the best. I feel as a thru hiker a little tainted with views. Sometimes I see a view and think it isn’t much compared to what I have seen and when a section hiker sees it they think it is amazing..

Today was alot of the views that were just okay.

The weather was phenomenal though. Nice cool breeze where you hardly sweat.

We had a long day of 20 miles… finally back up doing miles, this makes me happy

Right before we hit camp…we hit the big 2000 mile marker!!

Can you believe it? Lord…I have walked 2000 miles. I sure cannot believe it.

On top of that Planner and I have realized we have walked together for close to 1800 miles…

I think it’s safe to say we will be best friends for life.

We are camping by a road tonight and will head into Stratton, Maine tomorrow morning. I cannot wait for some town food.

Day 139

This morning we woke up and got a shuttle from a man who owns a hostel in town. The road was not very populated and we found ourselves becoming impatient waiting for a hitch.

The man let us hang out at the hostel and charge our supplies while we went to the grocery store across the street. This was a very small town.

I went to the grocery store where they had normal carts, baskets, and this wee little grocery cart.

Oh my goodness… That thing is SO cute. So you know…naturally I used it to buy my small amount of groceries.

The cashier lady took a picture of me as she loved to see who takes it around the store.

It was a rather loud cart so you knew where I was at all times.

When I went to check out the cashier quickly and sneakily shoved a pie into my bag. She said “its past the date we are to sell it so I like to give them out, plus you used the small cart.”

I laughed and gave her many thanks as the pie looked absolutely delicious.

Sometimes being goofy can get you cool things. 😉

I went to the post office and had two boxes waiting for me.

One from my second family…The Porters.

and one from my good friend, as you all have met previously.. Tia.

You guys. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. I was able to not only resupply for the next few days, I was also able to send a package ahead to the next town.

I am so grateful for you guys.

I am the lucky one and I cannot wait to get home to see you all!

We hung out at the hostel charging, and getting organized for the next few days and headed out around noon.

We Had 15 miles of bigger climbs. One of our last days of bigger climbs. We can do this.

I started out with planner and we reached the first of four mountains called the Bigelow mountains.

My eyes.

My soul.

It was astonishing. One of my favorite views yet.

Lakes and lakes and miles of subtle mountains and clear blue skies.

It makes the climbs more than worth it and it makes my smile even wider.

I met up with Woodpile on one of the last climbs and we hiked the rest of afternoon together.

We were able to catch some of the sunset and it was quite magical.

We Arrived at camp late but it was a solid, tough, wonderful day.

I feel satisfied and happy. ☺️

Iz and Oz

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