Day 137: The Trail Provides.

August 15, 2017

7:34 PM

Total Miles: 1980

Day 136

Slept marvelously last night. I absolutely love my tent.

The temperature was cold this morning. Its so strange being further up north for the summer. I’m so used to being in Kansas and having scorching hot summer days.

The terrain today was a little bit easier than the past couple with a few climbs.

The trail took me over a couple balds that I had to stop and enjoy.

Later in the afternoon I came up to a sign. It said this…

I thought to myself. No way. This sign must be old. No freaking way.

As I was h.u.n.g.r.y.

I walked a little farther and yup.

Sure enough trail magic with a view.

I am blessed.

The couple lives about 70 miles from trail but come out now twice a week during the peak season to give out trail magic.

I was shocked.

“We love doing it just as much as you guys love having it.”

We only had 4 more miles to go afterwards and ran across a huge lake with a little sandy shore.

My heart swelled. It reminded me of home. Of Kansas and camping at a lake.

I couldn’t help but smile. It feels like forever since I have been home.

We made it to shelter and decided to sleep in it since no one else was. Usually I will always pick my tent over shelter but the shelter did look nice and spacious and… I am becoming lazier.

Having to set up my tent and take it down in the morning isn’t always the best plus I thought it might rain.

But mostly. I am becoming lazy.

So we stayed in the shelter and chatted for a while. The topic of ghosts and ghost stories arose and I immediately begged the tramily to stop.

I hate scary stories.. My imagination is way too great and I think myself into a scary spell.

They stopped after a while. 😂

Wheww time to sleep now.

Day 137

Cold cold mornings. My cocoon sleeping bag is my favorite in the mornings.

We planned for a bigger 20 mile day.

The beginning of the day the terrain was great easier downhill for about 9 miles.

Yes yes yes

We reached a road and came across a box full of trail magic that had bananas and bags of trail mix.

Two trail magics back to back.

I was in luck. It is said that ” The trail provides”

I was running a little slim on food since my hunger demon had eaten more than usual of my food and portioning deemed impossible.

The trail mix was just perfect to help hold me over till we hit town in a couple days.

While heading up our biggest climb of the day to saddleback mountain I ran into a couple who said “Hey Brown Sugar!”

I looked at them and instantly knew I had seen them before but couldn’t place where.

They helped reminding me they met me at the amazing trail magic back in Massachusetts.

Oh yeah!!

They talked about how they were following my blog and were curious if they would see anyone they knew from then.

They wished Planner and I the best in the rest of our trip and I walked away elated.

Wow. The trail had led me to meet so many people and its even cooler when I get to meet people who have enjoyed my blog as I have Loved being able to write about this journey.

How. Stinking. Cool.

Thank you guys for making my day!

We made it to saddleback, the horn, and saddleback junior peaks and took in the spacious beauty of Maine.

Today Planner and I kept each other entertained by telling each other detailed plots to movies if the other person had not seen it.

I told her about You before Me ( A Book I am also reading right now) and The fault in our star. She told me about Cold Mountain and V for Vendetta.

It was a nice way to forget about the miles we had to do.

We made it to shelter right before a rain came through. Wheww.

We are all snug in bed early in a full shelter with section hikers and thru hikers.

The snores have already started and I lay smiling thinking about this amazing journey.

Iz and Oz

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