Day 83: Can Feet Fall Off?

June 22, 2017

11:33 PM

Total Miles: 1217

Hiking thoughts:

Can my feet fall off.

Like…can they hurt so bad that they just turn up to me and say “Your pack is too heavy and these rocks are crap, peace out girl scout we are getting off this train”

and then they…you know…

Pop off.

Would I just have nubs around my ankles…could I still walk? Would it hurt as bad?

What do I do about these gnats?

Gnats. That swarm my face constantly and try to commit suicide on the regular by diving into my nose, mouth, ears, and eyes.

Why do they continously dive into my face holes. What is so alluring? Don’t they know they are going to die?

Is it bad if I ingest too many bugs? Do they live in my stomach? Will I see them in poop? What is the point of gnats.

Again?! I think that is number 7.. I have killed 7 gnats with my eyelids by smashing them before they get to my eye.

I wonder if people were looking at me from afar if they would think I escaped from a mental instituion.

“Come look at this chick, she is constantly yelling out rude comments like she is yelling at someone…listen”

“STOP!”…….”I will hurt you”……”You are a piece of doodoo!!!!”……”Oh my God”……..”Get away!”

Then they continue to watch me and see my dancing kungfu moves as I continously swat away at the knats that are invisible from distance.

Yep…I am going to be sent to a mental institution for sure… Nice to know you guys.

-Brown sugar

Day 83

I spent most of today hiking with planner. We actually haven’t done this in a while and it was nice. We chatted for most of the day so it made it go faster than normal.

Pennsylvania is known on the trail as Rocksylvania.

There are huge spots where you have to walk for a while over rocks like this. It slows you down and they hurt your feet after miles of wallking on hard solid rocks.

We had also planned for a 24 mile day.

Ugh. The glorious pain we put ourselves through.

During the day I had told Planner that I was feeling trail magic deprived. She said she heard that the further north we get the less it happens. The southern hospitality is officially gone?

Wrong!! Mid day, right when I was feeling really low on energy we ran across a couple coolers and trash bags. With this note.

YAY! So we took a nice break and refilled our waters and had a couple bars. How so very sweet of them.

We continued on to what we thought was a camp site and spring.

We located the camp site but the spring was gone…Dry.

Are you kidding me? My feet are aching. My shoes are torn to shreds. The rocks completely destroy even the tape on my shoes, I cannot wait for a new pair.

Our next option was to continue our hike for 4 more miles and head into Port Clinton, PA. Luckily, this small town allowed hikers to stay in town at their pavilion where there was a creek and camp spots.

So, we mutually decideded to hike on and have our longest day yet of  28 miles.

On our way we ran into the one female I talked about earlier. The one that does not stop talking.

She ended up going into town with another guy and had a friend waiting for her at the Pavilion.

We arrived around 9:30 and were starving. All we wanted to do was eat a meal and go to sleep.

I thought since her friend was here that she would be leaving. But no. Instead, he brought a guitar with him. And they started to jam out and talk. Loudly. At 9:30 at night (The hiker midnight).

It is now 11:30 and they havent stopped talking.

I think people are about to witness Ms. Hulk because all I want to do…is sleep in peaceful quiteness. I wonder if everyone else tenting right now is as pissed as me….

Honestly, I kind of have a smile on my face… This is just a little miserable but humorous. Haha…man this journey is something.

Hopefully I will fall asleep soon.

Iz and Oz

One Reply to “Day 83: Can Feet Fall Off?”

  1. Oh my gosh I remember so many of the things you talked about in this post, Izzy. I had the SAME thought about my feet. Nubs and everything. In the very beginning in Maine I would cry as I hiked towards the ends of the days as they would hurt so bad I felt like the bones were broken. And its true those Penn rocks don’t help! And those gnats!!!! We called them eye gnats. And I too was amazed they hadn’t eventually evolved to realize that if they dive into eyeballs they will die. Hopefully when you get to Maine the black flies aren’t too bad. We were the dorks with bug nets over our heads in Maine. People made fun of us but we didn’t care! Those little suckers make you bleed and you don’t even realize until you reach up and there’s dried blood all over your neck. One time in the hundred mile wilderness by a pond in Maine we thought we heard something hitting the tent after dark so we turned on a head lamp and there were literally hundreds of mosquitoes (on the outside thank god) so many they were loud! But ask me my favorite state on the trail? Definitely Maine ☺️ Isn’t that just the nature of this journey, though? It’s such a shot of life. I’m so glad you can smile as you write. I think that sense of humor is just what it takes. Lots of love to you!

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