Day 103: Onward and Upward.

July 12, 2017

9:08 PM

Total Miles: 1520

Day 102

Thanks to Roger for letting me sleep in a little and taking Tia to the train station and coming back to get me after. I could of stayed in that bed all day.

The rain had ended about an hour before I started hiking. I was grateful! Starting the day in rain, is usually a difficult one.

I made my way through the miles and ran into a man named pappy that I met A few days earlier.
I was eating left over pizza and gave him a slice while we chatted.

He told me he stayed at a shelter a little ways back with someone named jet pack.


I was hoping to see him again. While I was stopped for lunch he had caught up.

I Spent the rest of the day chatting and hiking with him.

We Ran across an awesome water fall. I was glad I dropped my pack and turned around to take a little trail to it. I could semi see it through the trees, but I wanted to see the whole thing.

It had Some gorgeous views. I had wished I took my lunch there.  I just wanted to jump in.

Later we ran across Giants thumb. A strange rock formation. I knew it was coming up but I was zoned in on getting to the top of the hill that I nearly missed it. (Hills are becoming more frequent again)

Oh hey!! There it is!

Today was Humid. Very very humid. Sweat was pouring off of me.

We hit 1500 miles today.

Can you believe it?

I have walked 1500 miles. I always thought I could walk forever whenever my friends and I went for walks.

Guess I can 😂

I Made it to a shelter and spent the evening talking and hanging out with big wave, snake man, his son waffles, and jet pack and they had me cracking up. You would think big wave and snake man were brothers after watching how they interact with each other. Hilarious.

It was a solid day, I am like usual hoping for no rain tomorrow.

Day 103

This morning I got out of my tent a little later than usual to wait of the early morning rain. At least it stopped!

I hiked the day with Jet Pack again as we both wanted to get into town.

Almost instantly we both were drenched with sweat.

Holy cow. It was h.u.m.I.d. I think it might have been the sweatest I have been on the trail.

We also had 3 pretty big mountains we had to climb.

After the first mountain we hit a new state!!

Welcome to Massachusetts!!

Moving right along!

While going up the second one it took us out to the ridgeline and it was quite breath taking.

We continued on and at the bottom of the third mountain we ran into some awesome awesome trail magic!

I was thrilled. It was as usual so unexpected. I learned that the group was big on hiking and that they were doing a little video about thru hikers and asked if I was ok with them asking me some questions on film.

Well if course! Id love to. Plus…You give me food, course Ill help out 😂 free food is one of the best things you can give a hiker.

Any who. The group was phenomenal. It was fun having people really interested in my trip and the things I go through.

A sincere thank you to all you guys for making my day.

Jet Pack and I continued on and were shocked to have come to a cooler that was another trail magic.

It was loaded with goodies. We were rushing to get to the town of Great Barrington  So that I could make it to the post office in time to get my package.

We made it to the road with about 25 minutes to spare, our only problem would be seeing how long a hitch would be.

Jet pack made it to the road and I started walking across the street to get to the other side and stuck out my thumb. Immediately a car pulled over and let us hop in.

Jet Pack was stunned.. He said that was the fastest hitch he has ever gotten.  😂

It happened just in time because the rain storm was starting to come in.

I made it to the post office to pick up my package from my dearest friend, Trevor Murie. 

Trevor, Thank you so much!!! Once again, the support truly helps me more than you could ever imagine. It was just what I needed. I could never say thank you enough.

While I sat in the library sorting out my box and getting organized a man came over and asked if I needed a ride somewhere as he was familiar with hikers. well, yes! but I was unsure of where I would be heading next.

He said he was going next door to get a drink with a friend and could stop back in after we decided what we were going to do.

wow. absolutely, thank you!

In the meantime Jet Pack and I were trying to decide what we wante to do, get a hotel room or try to wait out the rain. It was pouring now and was going to during the night. So we didnt want to go to the free campsite and set up our tent in the rain.

About 30 minutes later guess who showed up.

Woodpile from the moonshine gang! I was thrilled. 🙂

So we sat around trying to decide what to do and the local came back and let us know about East mountain retreat. He said he believed that she took hikers in too.

So we called and found out that she does and it would only cost us ten dollars for a bed and shower. Score!

So we hopped in the mans car, who had some fresh produce that he offered us.

Gotta get my veggies in!

We then made it to the retreat.

what an awesome place! The woman who ran it was a hoot too, she took no bs but was sweet. Weird combination.

While we were there, there was two southbounders staying too!!

Finally! I get to meet southbounders!

They were named Naked Bear and Wing It. (I guess naked bear is named that because well… he hikes naked…with a bandana covering his you know what. hahahah)

They were a funny bunch! It such a weird feeling that we both know we will only see each other for that night since we are going in different directions.

Anyhow, we ordered pizza and then headed to bed since Lights out by 10 PM.

It was a fantastic day.

I am starting to have mixed feelings of excited to being closer to finishing, but at the same time…I don’t know if I want to be done.

Onward and Upward.

Iz and Oz

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