Day 5: Warner Springs

May 15th, 2021

Mile Marker: 117

Miles Hiked Today: 20

Planner and I both woke up at 4:30 am this morning to try and get to Warner Springs early. We were wanting that long, long siesta in town.

I felt bad for the gentlemen next to us while we shuffled about because we could tell it woke them, but we were quick to pack up because it was freezing and foggy! Whatttttttttt?!

We knew that the evenings were typically cold but this was colder than usual and the fog/dew made our sleeping bags a little bit wet which we were not prepared for. Nonetheless, we headed out as fast as we could and decided we could dry out our stuff later.

We sped through the trail with headlamps to light the way through the fog and came to a spring to refill.

With the temperature being so cold, we hardly needed anything to drink so our stop was quick. We then continued on and were filled with glee that the fog persisted. It was turning out to be incredible hiking weather where it felt like we could just put on cruise control.

We also hit 100 miles! Boo yah!!

The trail led us through a huge pasture where cows lurked about.

We looked over yonder and I pointed out the one brown cow and how cute it was. As if it heard me, he shuffled around and stood directly toward us, hunched back like he was ready to charge us. We both stopped staring and moved as quickly as we could down the trail and laughed at how crazy it would be if he charged us. It then caused us to talk about what the protocol was for charging cows? Is this a thing?

After about 9 miles Planner and I found ourselves mysteriously outside of the fog and walking into a gorgeous sunrise and clear field. We were both excited to reach the famous Eagle Rock.

It was interesting how it looked just like an eagle. I, however, imagined it to be a dragon and then imagined myself as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones while Planner took pictures. I had myself a blast in imaginary land. 😁

At the rock we met our first few day hikers. Both Planner and I were thrilled. For the last 4 days it had felt like we were on a whole other planet with hardly any humans. So it was a nice reminder that hey, we are still in the US and hey, there are still a bunch of people nearby.

We hiked through the rest of the pasture and staring cows and made our way through a small forest that reminded us of the glorious AT.

Then after about 13-14 miles we finally made it to Warner Springs around 10 am. Plenty of time to reach the post office! We first headed to the community center where a trail angel had set up a whole area for us on the outside. There was chairs, outlets to charge our devices, and big sinks and buckets to wash clothes and take a bucket bath! (I felt like I was in Ethiopia all over again!)

We plugged in our stuff to charge and then walked a mile on the road to the post office to pick up our own resupply boxes. It’s like Christmas every time!

We then hiked back, did our laundry, and took showers, called our loved ones, and then chilled the rest of the afternoon. We watched as hikers came and left. Some went into a nearby town as this one didn’t have much to provide but we were siesting till the evening and cool air came which meant we were some of the last ones there.

As we were gearing up to leave a man who goes by Radio decided to hike out with us. He let us know that his trail name was as such because he has a voice that you would hear on the radio. (He really did! It was announcer like.) I led the pack with Planner behind me and Radio behind her. We talked and got to know one another and how we came to be out on the trail and how trail life ebbs and flows.

It was nice to enjoy the presence of another hiker and after 5 miles or so he decided to stop and camp for the night and we continued on a few more to make the day out to 20.

We felt great about the day. We were able to get a lot done and have time to still relax. We also found a great campsite that was enclosed by trees and just big enough for Planner and I.

The campsite is around 4000 feet elevation and currently extremely cold. We are both curled up in our little cocoons ready for some wonderful sleep.

Iz and Oz

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