Day 7: Idyllwild For The Win.

May 17th, 2021

Mile Marker: 152

Miles Hiked Today: 8

Planner and I slept in this morning as there was a heavy fog overcast and the wind was whipping our tents around all night. I even took my time making some coffee to enjoy before we headed out since we knew it would be a cooler day.

Both Planner and I couldn’t decide on how we wanted the day to go. Our original plan was to head out for a 22 mile day and then 13 into Idyllwild for a town day. However, after conversing with a few hikers we realized that taking a different highway into town would be an easier hitch.

So we hiked out for a mile or so to grab some water at Mary’s place. She allowed hikers on to her property to tent and use her water tank.

Once again, forever grateful for these people who help us out with resupplying our water.

We filled up 4 liters (8.8 pounds of water) and headed out for the day. After a mile from there we both started discussing heading into town today. If it was an easier hitch, it may be worth it. Additionally, we have huge climbs to climb and we thought it may be best to do with fresher legs.

After mulling over our options for a while, we decided to hike to highway 79 and at least take a ride to Paradise Valley Cafe. From there we could have breakfast, fill up water, and then decide if we wanted to continue to hike.

It was our first time trying to get a hitch this go around and both of us felt silly and excited. All these little things we used to do on the Appalachian Trail. All the little things that makes us excited that I forgot about. Like getting into town, getting a hitch from a stranger, eating a full meal, taking a hot shower, sleeping in a bed. We instantly knew that getting into town was something we needed to do today in order to make the climbs the next day.

We stood with our thumbs out for about 10 minutes and got a hitch from an older gentlemen in a small truck who quickly moved over his belongings and told us to hop in. We made small talk and he said that he had taken hikers to this cafe almost every morning for the past few days. It was on his way to work and no problem for him.

A mile down the highway we hopped out and made it to Paradise Valley Cafe. A place where I felt like almost all hikers went to. We walked up to the front and saw a line of backpacks and knew we were in the right spot.

The inside of the cafe was small and cute. A place I could see myself frequenting if I lived nearby.

I ordered myself a breakfast burrito the size of my face and Planner and I were set for a town day no questions asked.

After a long breakfast we headed back out to the highway and set our thumbs out again for a 20 minute ride into Idyllwild.

We ended up getting a ride from a sweet lady and her dog named Logan. The ride into town was jaw dropping.

Even the town itself immediately made me want to revisit it later in life. It was so cute! My pictures don’t do it justice!

We went and found the Idyllwild Inn to stay at since it gave a 10 percent discount to hikers.

We also were able to check into our room at noon instead of 3 pm which was a game changer. We were able to knock out all our chores early in the day such as taking showers, washing clothes, resupplying on food, and buying some gear, like mole skin for my blisters.

After peeling off my socks once we arrived and being able to have a good look at what was going on, I was shocked at how big it had gotten. Some may want to skip the picture if ya can. 😂

We then spent time calling loved ones and elevating our feet and trying to stay off them as much as we could.

Dinner time rolled around and we headed to Idyllwild Brew pub and I naturally ordered a burger, fries, and beer that was perfection.

It was such a solid day of recovering and getting some town chores done. We now feel well rested and prepared for the hard climbs to come.

Planner and I have become very efficient at town days, we know exactly what we need to knock out and try to do so that we can spend ample amount of time off our feet.

We are in bed early and I’m not mad about it! Ready to get some good sleep and head back out for some climbs tom!

Iz and Oz

P.S Thank you to my good friend Victoria for funding my hotel and resupply!!! You are amazing and I couldn’t thank you enough!

One Reply to “Day 7: Idyllwild For The Win.”

  1. Have you ever tried sock liners? When I was fighting a fire in New Mexico, everyone was getting blisters but me. I was the only one with sock liners.


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