Day 11: Palm Springs Resting.

May 21, 2021

Mile Marker: 207

Miles Hiked Today: 0

Sleeping in and staying in bed for the morning really does wonders for me. It was so nice to let myself wake up and fall back to sleep past 6 am unlike our hiking days in the desert.

We took it slow and then went to a popular spot for breakfast called Elmer’s.

I ordered some cinnamon roll pancakes with eggs and bacon and my, oh my, was it delicious.

We then went to “Running Wild” a running store to look at new shoes. I had come to the conclusion that my shoes were too small since both my pinky toes also had blisters and bought a new pair that was the biggest shoe size I have bought yet…a 7.5! 😂

We then came back to the hotel and have spent majority of the day inside relaxing.

Palm Springs looks like an awesome, touristy town with a beautiful downtown but our goal for being here is to rest. So we have spent as little time on our feet as we could.

We have stretched, taken Epsom salts bath, hydrated well, and watched countless episodes of Friends.

We also ended the evening with some glorious, much needed, ice cream. 😄

We are both feeling charged up and better for heading out tomorrow. My blisters are drying up and looking much better. I plan to keep them wrapped up and cleaned and will see how the next few days go before we head to another town!

Iz and Oz

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