Day 28: The Desert Makes You Patient.

June 7th, 2021

Mile Marker: 643.7

Miles Hiked Today: 28

Last night we woke up at 3 am to the wind whipping sand and our sleeping bags around. I don’t get the wind.. how it goes silent to tornado in the snap of a finger. I sat right up and declared to the group “I am wide awake right now!” As they laughed and agreed that they were too. I then tightened down my sleeping bag all around me like a cocoon and thankfully fell back asleep.

At 5 am we woke up to a wonderful sunrise. It really was a terrific spot minus the wind and sand. (Thanks Some Guy for some great photos!)

We started out the morning slow. Our legs were still tired from all the miles we had previously hiked.

We have learned that the desert makes us patient and humble. It makes us wait for water and shade. It stains our legs with dirt and causes us to have tired eyes. It makes us thirsty and dry and have crusted boogers in our noses. (On a real note, ask any hiker. And the only way to get them out is… with the glorious finger… hiker trash is on a whole new level) The desert teaches you that you can’t be arrogant but that you have to be patient, it teaches you grit.

As we are nearing the end of this section, I’m looking back on all that has been learned. All that I have taken for granted. All that I have to be thankful for. I know the Sierras will bring its own can of worms, but I’m glad for what I have learned thus far.

We hiked the 15 miles and arrived at yet again another water cache provided by wonderful trail angels. This one even had boxes loaded with materials hikers may need and battery packs so that we could charge our phones during our siesta.

I found myself also exhausted and was able to lay down and fall asleep.

It’s always good to feel exhausted and fall asleep almost right away. Feels like you put a good effort into something.

After a couple hours we trudged on for 13 miles listening to podcasts to get us through the afternoon. The goal was 30 but fell a couple short as our legs and minds had just about had enough.

We had listened to the podcast Ologies by Ally Ward about Bears. The person she was interviewing mentioned how he thought we all had this “Nature Gene” but some use it more than others and how society made it harder to pursue it. I thought this was interesting and was happy that I was living my life 24/7 outside.

We met a fellow thru hiker tonight who is named Reed. He started his hike in Alga Dulce and hopes to continue on till his school starts in the fall.

I love how this trail has so many different options to complete it. It’s not as much like the CDT as a “Chose your own adventure” but it is more chose your own adventure than the AT and I can respect that.

It was nice to get to camp early at 6:30 and have time to get everything done.

Tomorrow we are all looking forward to a nice big town meal breakfast!

Oh I hope the wind doesn’t show too much force tonight.

Iz and Oz

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