Day 43/44: Mammoth Chillin.

June 22nd and 23rd, 2021

Mile Marker: 908

Miles Hiked Today: 15, 0

We all woke up early today; it was town day and we could not be more ready for it.

We had 15 miles to hike into town and all had minimal food for the day. Most of us had planned our food for 5 days and a few bars or such for the 15 into town. This meant we needed to cruise quickly.

Conrad, Planner, and I all hiked out together. The weather was surprisingly chilly unlike the past few days and I kept having to hike fast to warm up.

Luckily, we didn’t have any passes to climbs and most of it was downhill. We all were crushing miles. I was even surprised at how quickly we were approaching Reds Meadow Resort.

This was where we would get off trail since it was only .3 off trail. We were told from here it was easy to get a hitch into the town of Mammoth.

We made it to 900 miles today! Can you believe it? Getting closer and closer to that halfway mark! I can’t wait!

We made it to Reds together by 11:15 am and were feeling great. All we needed to do was get a hitch.

Which we thought was going to be an easy task but found out quickly, that wasn’t going to be the case. We walked around and asked a few people but they had full cars. We decided to hike down the road to the entrance and stuck our thumbs out at people and once again fell short.

It was the wrong place at the wrong time as we watched a couple trucks pass us from the first parking lot with other hikers. We were all getting to the end of our wire so we headed back to the first parking lot and after about 15 minutes, got 2 cars at the same time. It was the biggest sigh of relief. Finally, we could get to town.

We checked into a Motel 6 and then went to Robertos cafe. It was a Mexican restaurant suggested to me by our local driver.

I ordered the burrito grande not thinking much of it and was shocked when it came out. Even with all my hiker hunger, I still didn’t know if it was doable.

I made it 3/4 of the way and had to call it quits. There is only so much my stomach can handle! After lunch we headed to a local grocery store for our resupply and snacks and spent the rest of the evening in our hotel room getting things ready for the next day and watching whatever movies were on the TV.

The crew even got wine and food to make a cutlery board. Hiker style.

Sleep wasn’t the best for some of us as the AC stopped working and we had to open the windows. I for one kept waking up which is so unfortunate when you spend money for a hotel. But it is what it is.

We all decided pretty quickly that we didn’t want to hike and that we wanted to zero. It was weight off our shoulders deciding it especially since we had gotten most of our chores done the day before.

Conrad and I got some breakfast at a small cute restaurant. I ordered some banana pancakes with chocolate chips and peanut butter and eggs and pure maple syrup from Vermont. YUM.

Afterwards we picked up our bags and headed to an air bnb that we got with our sister crew.

It was nice for us to finally all hang out together since we tend to leap frog most of the time.

The air bnb also had a small pool and hot tub and I was able to test out my sleeping pad for a hole in the pool. Instantly we found a hole near the top and were unsure of the seams on the sides. I was happy though because we could at least patch the hole we found and see how it lasted from there. Anything I can do to not buy a whole new one!

The afternoon and evening was delightful. I was able to have great conversations and we made a salad bar and ordered pizza for the group. While we ate we listened to different people’s favorite music and jammed out.

It really is so nice to be around a wonderful set of people who are so similar and different all at the same time. Community keeps us strong and thriving.

Iz and Oz

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  1. Thanks for the update! Wow that was a huge burrito! I’m Molly’s new place watching Ellie while she and her sister’s are in Wichita visiting family! Keep on trucking, girl! Almost half way is great!😁


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