Day 47: My Favorite Lake.

June 26th, 2021

Mile Marker: 974.5

Miles Hiked Today: 24.5

At 6 we all woke up and headed out pretty quickly since the mosquitos were doing their annoying thing. The morning started out mellow and had us going through a stunning meadow. We had a few climbs to do for the day but nothing like any of the other passes.

I was most excited about Miller lake. We were going to be hitting it around 11:30 which seemed like the perfect spot for a lunch break.

I became even more excited when I arrived. It was the perfect lake and made me think some of Maine on the AT. With its sandy beach and clear blue water. My favorite part was that the sand went all the way into the lake and gradually got deeper. Most the times when we get to the lakes they are rocky on the bottom and it’s hard to walk in.

This one was just welcoming us so nicely. Of course we all got in and took a dip. It wasn’t Arctic cold but cold enough where I could only swim around for a bit.

Once out, I made some coffee and ate some lunch and embraced the gorgeousness. It by far, was my favorite lake.

After an hour and half of laying out, we decided it was time to keep hiking. I was hot from laying in the sun so I went back in for another quick dip before heading out to hike. It made me feel ready to go.

We had about 6 miles to reach Benson pass. 3 miles down and 3 miles up. It was strange how charged I felt. The 3 miles passed by so quickly as I let my thoughts wonder.

This was something I had told my therapist before leaving that I loved.

Out here, we can think about things for as long as we want or need. For a couple hours, for a day, for a week, however long, we have the time to think on it.

It in a way it eventually allows you to come to peace with your thoughts after constantly mulling on them and most the time when your body is a hurting, the thoughts tend to lead south.

Unfortunately once I reached the pass the mosquitos still existed. You would think at 10,000 feet they would go away. Not any more. Planner and I headed down a couple miles to a lake instead.

There was just enough breeze coming off of it that it kept the mosquitos at bay for the most part. We decided to sit down and eat an early dinner and then hike the 4 miles to our camp site afterwards.

We knew that if we waited till camp, there would more than likely be an outrageous amount of mosquitos since it was down in a valley.

During dinner we talked more about Kennedy Meadows North Resort and staying there and getting rid of our canisters. We are excited for it 100 percent.

Our camp spot is heavily wooded and we have the feeling that if a bear was to come to our campsite, that this would be the one. It just gives off “bear vibes”.

I had told Planner today that I was going to be upset if I go through the whole Sierras without seeing one. She said she didn’t care to, but I haven’t seen one since the AT!

As long as it is a little bit of a distance away, I’m totally game!

It’s been a full, long, enjoyable day.

Iz and Oz

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