Day 50: Singing In The Rain.

June 29th, 2021

Mile Marker: 1031.5

Miles Hiked Today: 14

Turns out the teepee was the way to go since it stayed cooler during the night than the bunkhouse. It even got chilly enough where we really had to snuggle up in our sleeping bags on the cots. The perfect sleep weather.

I got up around 6:30 and headed to the restaurant for breakfast. Thankful, Journey, Lightning , Chopper, and I all were wanting that delicious breakfast food before we headed out for the day. Unfortunately there was only one waitress doing all the work and our wait time from sitting down, ordering, and eating took an extraordinarily long time.

Thankfully the food was well worth the wait. I’ll never get over breakfast food…pancakes and eggs?! I mean common!

After breakfast we all finished up our last minute chores and took a shuttle back to the trailhead. We have found ourselves in a bubble as there were about 24 hikers all running to place their bag in a line for the shuttle.

The most exciting thing about this morning was packing my bag without a bear canister and only 3 days worth of food. It was so light! I felt like I could be running the trail!

We all waited for each of us to make it to the trailhead and started out together. The tramily consisted of Planner, Lightning, Chopper, Thankful, Journey, and I. Bottleneck waited for Tide to arrive after his Peace Corps Interview. (Which I know he killed it!)

The terrain wasn’t terrible but after about a couple hours of hiking the clouds decided to bring the rain on. We could see it in the distance but were hoping it didn’t come to us.

As soon as we stopped to put on rain jackets it started thundering and lightning. Since we were already at a lower elevation we cruised for a little bit then decided to wait out the heavy rain under some trees.

We thought the storm was going to pass over us quickly but were unfortunately wrong. Eventually the rain became a downpour and then hail started to accumulate and the wind was sending shivers down us.

We were all becoming cold enough that we ended up huddling/hugging under Planners umbrella to keep us semi warm. 😂 Two other hikers came by who we have also been around; Joe and Goldilocks. They didn’t want to join us and kept on hiking through the rain. We stayed for a little bit longer and as the rain started to lighten up a little, we all decided it was best to keep hiking too so we could stay warm.

I was pumped. The rain sucked yes, but it added a whole new spice to our day. We started singing out random songs and charging down the wet muddy trail with smiles on our faces. We have to make the best out of every situation.

We caught back up to Joe, Goldilocks, and Lightning and all hiked together in a line. Going through the rain and hail and bigger water crossings one merry step at a time.

Eventually, we could start to see a clear sky in the distance so we knew that it was going to clear up. The light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, probably more than any day on trail, I have been so thankful for this community and tramily that I have had the pleasure to be around. Truly, people who are sincere and nice and want to help each other out. Today could have sucked, but because of my company, it was truly a great day. It’s so true to surround yourself with people who lift you up, who inspire you, who support you.

We arrived at camp 14 miles later at 6:30 which is my favorite time to be at camp. Unfortunately Conrad, Bottleneck, and Tide haven’t shown up yet.

It’s always so nervewracking not having cell service to know exactly where everyone is especially during the rain. But we have faith in the trail. It always brings us back together.

Iz and Oz

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