Day 53,54,55: South Lake Tahoe Holiday.

July 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Mile Marker: 1091

Miles Hiked Today: 10

We woke up early this morning for an easy 10 mile hike to highway 50 to get into South Lake Tahoe. Majority of the hike was downhill so Planner and I got excited and did our downhill run thang.

We reached the highway by 9:30 and were beyond lucky that we had everything already set up for the next couple of days.

Journey’s son lives in South Lake Tahoe and was able to find us an air bnb and left his car for us at the trail head so that we didn’t have to hitch into town.

I was bubbling with excitement for this “mini vacay”.

Once all of our crew made it to the highway we went into town and immediately went to get breakfast. We stopped at Sprouts Cafe and I ordered a delicious breakfast burrito and smoothie that I demolished.

Afterwards we had the plan to get all of our chores done so that we could relax the following two days.

We headed to the post office and I got a box from my girl Kari! Thank you SO SO much! It was the perfect resupply!! 🤗❤️

We then went to the grocery store to get food for the weekend and around 4 headed to the air bnb. It was the perfect place. 3 bedrooms, 5 queen size beds, and 2 bathrooms.

I was bouncing around with glee. It was the perfect spot.

We took showers, started laundry, and put on fun rompers Planner bought from Goodwill. Around 6 Planner and I started cooking dinner. Journey planned to have his son Sam come over for dinner with all us hikers. I was craving to be in the kitchen and cooking so I volunteered. We made pasta, salad, and garlic bread and had pre made brownies for deserts.

It was a night of good food, sharing stories, and countless laughs. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to get the weekend started.

On the 3rd, half of us; Planner, Conrad, Primetime, Journey, and I spent the majority of the day in Reno. South Lake Tahoe unfortunately did not have any Altra shoes in my size but luckily the Reno REI did. They had told me they had one single pair left and I put them on hold for this morning. I couldn’t believe how popular my size was. Above all I was so thankful that we had a car to drive us there. My old shoes had almost 1000 miles on them!

We spent time at REI, grabbed some food, and then headed back.

The evening was chill as we made our own food and hung around. We figured we would be out and about more on the 4th.

On the morning of the 4th, I had told everyone that I would make breakfast which I was stoked about. Conrad and Tide also helped me in getting the whole spread together. Pancakes, eggs, fruit, cinnamon rolls, I mean we had it all.

We devoured every last bit and then some of the crew headed to the casino and a few of us got ready and went to see the lake. It felt like we had to get in, I mean, when was I ever going to be back?

We set up towels on the beach with a ton of snacks and beers and then Planner and I went in. It was crazy to me how we could walk and walk and never get fully submerged as the water only came up to our hips. Eventually we decided to turn around since reaching the deep blue water where it was deep was still a bit further out.

After swimming for a bit and getting a nice layer of sunburn, Journey, Planner, Sam, and I all headed to a restaurant for dinner. Afterwards came my favorite part of the day.

Sam took me on a motorcycle ride! I had been itching for a ride for quite sometime and was excited to finally get that inner rush again.

Sam took me out through the mountains through his favorite route. We hit an outlook of the mountains, stopped at a waterfall, and grabbed some ice cream. It was a grand tour filled with great conversation. I think I was smiling the whole time. There isn’t a better way to see a city than on a motorcycle. I kept swiveling my head taking all of South Lake Tahoe in.

Once we got back, we opened the doors to the crew singing karaoke together with YouTube videos blaring from the TV. I joined in on the fun feeling so blessed to be around the people that I was.

Night quickly fell before us and we made our way back to the air bnb getting ready for the next morning to hike out.

It was such a unique Fourth with amazing people. My heart just swells for this tramily. ❤️

I truly could not have asked for a better time off trail. It was the perfect time and place and now I am feeling ready to tackle miles.

Let’s gooooo!!

Iz and Oz

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