Day 59: The Trail Provides.

July 8th, 2021

Mile Marker: 1187

Miles Hiked Today: 26

This morning I slept in till about 5:45. It was a nice chilly morning where I could stay snug in my sleeping bag while I made my breakfast and coffee.

Around 7 the crew headed out ready for a 30 mile day. The terrain consisted of nice rolling hills for the majority of the time so we figured we could put big miles in. After about 4 miles we stopped for water and then had a nice gradual decent.

Planner and I were consistently behind Conrad. He turned around to us and said he felt like he was a gazelle and that we were the cheetahs. We started laughing and I told him that I could start sprinting if he wanted me to. He then took off into a sprint down the mountain. I was already listening to music and was amped on coffee so I took off after him.

We let out hoops and hollers and I felt like I was flying on my feet. It felt so good to finally move fast through the trees. I had only wished I was wearing my running hydration pack instead of Ozzy!

Eventually we caught up to Journey and I decided to stop and let Conrad win this time. 😉

It felt like an easy hiking day. Nothing too extreme, just rolling hills. Up for a little bit and down for a little bit.

Once we are on top of the mountain we could see the forest fire off in the distance that we have been keeping our eye on for the past couple days. It feels like we are consistently getting closer but have seen no caution to get off. Planner and I talked about how different it probably was for locals versus us. We, being people not used to wildfires feel so freaked out but yet, we still see local day hikers like there is nothing to be worried about.

They day felt like it flew by as I was continuously involved in good conversation. It felt like the miles just melted away.

Around 2 we reached a spring after a 10 mile water carry and made some lunch and took naps in the shade. I was surprised how quickly I actually fell asleep. 18 miles by 2 pm in the hot sun will do that to you. Most of us didn’t converse with each other during this time. All of us found a nice shady spot to set up and nap as if it was a must for the day.

We had plans to continue on for 10 more miles afterwards. We hiked for about 4 miles and ran across a sign that mentioned trail magic and who had previously been there.

No stinking way?

Before approaching the sign, Journey and I had seen a lake down the same road and were contemplating going for a swim, so this made our decision easy.

Without a doubt we headed left down a paved road for a quarter mile and ran into a man that goes by the trail name St. John the Baptist. He had been doing trail magic for a few days and had a spread of chips, beers, hot dogs, burgers, and quesadillas. He knew what we wanted, he was a triple crowner himself.

This trail magic was so unexpected, it had come just when we needed it to, just when we were hitting a low.

We enjoyed beers and food and then decided that it was time to hike down to the lake. I had loved that there wasn’t many people nearby nor swimming. We all got in and swam around for a bit enjoying the cooling off temperatures and then headed back to the trial magic.

It was such a perfect way to start the evening. A little after 6 we decided to head back out and cut the 6 miles to 3.5 instead to a camp spot. It was getting late so it was time to continue on. I had indulged in 4 beers and was feeling a little tipsy and ready to go. 😂

While at trail magic we had waited for Bottneck and were surprised when she didn’t show up.

We arrived to camp around 8 and now currently she has still not shown up. We are thinking she is ahead of us, but unsure. I can’t get over how easily it is to lose track of someone on trail. We will plan to meet her first thing in the morning.

Iz and Oz

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