Day 68: A Long, Wonderful Day.

July 17th, 2021

Mile Marker:1385.5

Miles Hiked Today: 20

This morning we started out late and relaxed. As soon as Tia popped out of their tent I told them “No rush!” I still couldn’t get over them hiking so many miles for their first day.

Around 6 am we also heard in the distance Planners laughter and hadn’t realized they were also there but a little bit further down on trail.

We chatted a little bit with Planner before she headed out for the day with the rest of the tramily and planned to seem them later on.

The morning was a slow and easy cruise with nice views.

It’s crazy how much of a difference good views can make on your emotions. When you can look around and breathe and smile. It’s a cherry on top when your good friends are there too.

I felt full. I hiked and thought to myself this morning.

“I feel so happy.”

After about 10 miles we came to a road where we could walk .2 down the road to a gas station and restaurant. All 4 of us were craving that town meal for a nice pick me up to hike later in the day.

The restaurant was named “JJ’s Cafe” which immediately made me think of my little brother. The one who is killing it at NYU and making a name for himself.

I’m so proud of you JJ and Miss you greatly!

We all ordered some burgers and some beer since it was close to 1 and then decided that we would hang out there for most of the afternoon till 4:30 that way we wouldn’t have to hike on in the heat.

We ate, drank, rested and when 4:30 hit, filled up waters and started hiking.

We had to hike 8 more miles to get to the next water source.

We took a short detour right after the restaurant to see the Subway Cave. This was a lava tube that had been formed and all of us were wanting to see it.

There was a staircase leading us down and then the tube goes on for a while and becomes pitch black and cool. Such a neat site to explore and stay cool. 😂

We all hiked on and I was out front and came up to an outlook of Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta.

While up there, there was an older lady and gentleman who said they had ice cold beers for me and started chatting me up.

They told me their grandson had hiked the PCT the previous year and that they enjoyed providing trail magic for them so much that they have continued to do as such.

I asked the grandfather what his grandsons name was and he said…


“Does he have a girlfriend named Twister?” I asked.

He responded with a smile and a yes and I about lost my cookies.

Are you serious?!? I was being given trail magic from the people who just offered up their apartment and rides for me for free?!

This family was one of a kind. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Then the grandparents weren’t satisfied with only having beer and told me to hold on as they drove down to camp and back and appeared with food and a cooler of different drinks. It was perfect timing too as the rest had arrived.

We were so lucky. I am so incredibly lucky.

What a family. Thank you, thank you!

Us four then hiked on along the ridge in awe.

It was incredible to watch the sun set and the colors change behind the mountains.

We even took a while sitting on some rocks soaking it in.

Just incredible.

We then hiked on to the next water source through the night and enjoyed as the stars and moon started to populate the sky and light our way.

It was a long, long day and we were ready to be at camp but it was an enjoyable one.

We all laid out our sleeping pads and had decided to cowboy camp as well.

I was stoked to be laying under the stars all night without a tent.

A nice, long, well worth it day.

Iz and Oz

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