Day 71: Burney Falls.

July 20, 2021

Mile Marker: 1434.6

Miles Hiked Today: 23

I woke up today feeling a lot better than I had for the past two days. Parts of me wanted to continue to be lazy but I figured we would eat breakfast at a local restaurant and then I would decide if I could still hike out or not. Planner went ahead and hiked out before Journey, Kale, and I. I knew she was itching for those miles and to be with the group so I told her to go ahead.

I hated being sick and feeling like I was holding people back from what they wanted/needed to do. I couldn’t ask someone to stay with me, we all have to hike our own hikes. I know eventually I will catch back up to her and the group!

We went to a diner and I was actually hungry but unable to finish my entire meal. I was trying to be conscious of my belly and the rough time it previously had.

Afterwards, we packed up our bags and headed to the highway for a hitch. It only took us about 5 minutes and we had a truck pull over for us.

It was with a gentleman who was headed to his fathers house to help him out since he was 93 years old! He seemed to be familiar with the hikers that came through town and asked us all the usual questions.

There was becoming a massive amount of hikers joining the Burney crowd. Fires had started as far south as Sonora Pass and making people skip all the way to Burney. Can you imagine that?? It feels like Sonora Pass was so long ago!

We also ran across this sign that made me so proud… we are past the halfway and now officially have less than half to finish. Eeeeek!! I’m excited but also not ready to be done.

We got back out to trail and the first 8 miles were relatively flat. I hate to say it but the flatness is entirely too boring for me. I like to work my body and different muscles and head up and down a mountain instead.

After a flat 8 miles we took a little side trail to Burney Falls. To be honest, I had no idea about this place. But once we headed down, I was becoming excited, it was like we were entering a whole new world.

I was shocked at all the gushing water in such a dry area. I kept looking through the trees to get a good view and once at the bottom we were floored. I mean, it was just unreal.

We knew it was going to be our lunch spot for the day as it was cool down at the bottom with the winds and little misting of the falls.

We posted up on some rocks, sat quietly enjoying the views, ate lunch, and people watched.

I could not get over the massive amounts of people and all the people who were there to take selfie’s and pictures and then leave.

I wondered if any of them thought about sitting and soaking in the beauty before them? We had questioned if everything these days is done to be able to post on social media to say you have been somewhere or done something? What was it before when we didn’t have phones to boast with? Did we appreciate beauty more?

After about 45 minutes we packed up and headed back to trail. We had some climbing to do which I was ready for.

My stomach felt a little off after lunch but I figured it would sort itself out since it had only been a short time of recovery. Either that or I am stubborn. 🤷🏽‍♀️

The rest of the day Journey and I cruised through the forest and listened to each other’s music and played the game of “ Do you know who sings this?”

I felt like I was terrible at guessing but, I’m learning!

We hiked on for a total of 23 miles which felt dang good for a late start and found one of the best spots yet.

We were out on an open ledge with picture perfect views of Mount Shasta before us.

It felt like the perfect way to end a day back on trail.

The whole day felt like a time warp in some way like I had been off trail for so long after having a sick zero but ultimately, I was glad to be back at it even though I wasn’t 100 percent yet.

Today was one of the best sunsets yet. Like the trail was rewarding us for a hards day of work. Now just to get some solid sleep in.

Thank you to all of you who are following along and sending me positive vibes. Thank you thank you thank you.🤗

Iz and Oz

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