Day 77: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

July 26th, 2021

Mile Marker: 1581.4

Miles Hiked Today: 31

We woke up this morning slightly groggy. I had the hardest time falling asleep last night. As tired as I was, for some reason I just couldn’t fall asleep. It’s always strange when our minds are like that.

We took our time this morning, making oatmeal and coffee and headed out of camp around 6:20, later than usual.

We knew we needed to cover some big miles again today. Fortunately or unfortunately there wasn’t any lake to swim in and take up our time. It was going to be one of those days that we just keep cruising.

After coffee and walking for 5 minutes, I almost immediately needed to boom boom and found myself having to squat down the side of the mountain… where my quads were on fire to keep me from rolling down. The sometimes difficult part of not always having a toilet… 🤦🏽‍♀️

The sunshine was coming through bright this morning. Another morning where I kept looking behind me to see how it was changing.

The smoke seemed a bit less today which made me happy, I couldn’t wait to see everything clearly again.

The trail led us among the ridges and through the green covered moss trees that are my favorite. They look cozy in their fur jackets and the variety of green just pop out at us.

For lunch we set up near a clear flowing creek that we were able to dunk our feet in and rinse out our shirts and socks.

While soaking our feet I noticed this little guy. Just sitting still as could be soaking in the water. He almost blended in with the rocks.

We saw a total of maybe 5 PCT hikers and then during a section of trail saw 5 different groups of kids hiking.

We were unsure if they were all together but assumed they all had come from the same organization.

I felt proud as I charged by the kids, hoping that some of those girls would look at me and think that it could be them some day. I could only wish for more females out here!

That’s something that I have actually been impressed by this year though. This trail does seem to have more females than the AT had in 2017. I hope this number just continues to grow for all trails.

This afternoon was hot, but gorgeous. I found myself pulling out my phone again and again to take pictures.

The miles were flowing by easily again as I listened to podcasts and music and kept myself preoccupied. It’s what keeps us going for the time being.

We made it to camp rather early again around 7 and decided to call it. We could have continued on but we were carrying a lot of water for dinner and decided 31 was pretty solid for the day.

We have 18 into town tomorrow and I think both of us are so excited for that town meal. We have been just devouring our food. With the heat and the heavy mileage I find myself waiver with the issue of not being able to get full again.

I got great news from Planner as the crew plans to take a zero in Ashland over the weekend and if we continue to push miles, we will definitely make it there in time! We can also say bye to Bottleneck which will be so bittersweet.

Big week of mileage ahead!

Today as I was getting ready to get in my tent I looked up and suddenly the sky had become sheer pink, red, and orange and stunning. I could see a bit down the trail the sunset mixing with the dark clouds so I sped walked down the trail to get a better picture.

It may have been one of the most magical sunsets I have witnessed. Over to my left away from the sun the clouds were also turning colors and then half of a rainbow appeared above the mountains! I then kept swiveling my head back and forth to watch the clouds and colors change.

It’s just so dang beautiful. I sat down and took a breathe.

This is unreal.

I’d say, a pretty solid way to end the night.

Iz and Oz

One Reply to “Day 77: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.”

  1. Stunning sunset!! So great to have these moments that keep you going!

    What podcasts are you listening to these days?



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