Day 85: “Stay Put, I Am Your Momma Out Here.”

August 3rd, 2021

Mile Marker: 1750

Miles Hiked Today: 2

Today went 100 percent not as planned.

We woke up this morning and Planner let us know that her stomach wasn’t feeling well. She said that she initially woke up around 4 and felt like she had to puke then around 6 when we were getting ready to head out for the day she had one of those emergency boom boom.

Ut oh.

Journey and I had set out for 2 miles to get to the next water source at a local campground.

We waited there for Planner to see how she was holding up and almost immediately knew that she was not okay.

She looked pale and told us that she had went to the bathroom 7 more times in the short 2 mile hike. Something was definitely wrong.

We sat around the picnic table exploring our options. I had let her know that I was down for whatever and recommended to not hike while feeling so sick. I had felt stupid doing it previously and today was going to be another hot day.

We were told there was trail magic just .2 further on trail so we decided to hike there and make our decisions.

We decided that it would be best to go back into Ashland so that Planner wouldn’t have to hike dehydrated through the heat with an upset stomach. So we called Big Momma again and she was more than willing to come get us. She told us to “Stay put, I am your momma out here.”

While waiting we met Trouble the trail magic angel. She had hiked the PCT in 2017 and lives in Ashland. It was nice to have a place to relax and eat.

Big Momma arrived around 10 and we rode back to Ashland and were lucky enough to be able to check into our hotel at 11 am.

Planner quickly got in bed and rested and the 3 of us went to grab some food.

The rest of the day all of us laid in bed and napped taking advantage of the off time.

It sucks getting sick on trail and it’s always so unexpected but together we will figure it out and take it one step at a time.

The most important thing is to stay healthy so that we can all finish. We are so close!!

Iz and Oz

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