Day 105: A Familiar Face.

August 23rd, 2021

Mile Marker: 2313

Miles Hiked Today: 17

It was so nice to sleep in this morning in a warm bed. I felt lucky that we didn’t have to endure last nights cold in our tents.

We took our time and around 8 am took our laundry to the gas station to wash and picked up some goodies for breakfast. We had time to kill until Journey received his resupply box at noon. Nice and easy relaxing morning.

It was perfect timing too since my friend Eliot from the Peace Corps wanted to come hike with us for a bit!

I was ecstatic since I haven’t seen him since leaving Ethiopia. Eliot now resides about an hour from the PCT in Washington.

It’s always weird seeing your friends in a different setting than what you were used to. For instance seeing any trail friend in “normal” day clothes always feels so foreign.

It felt similar seeing Eliot outside of Ethiopia and now here in Washington but we fell back into our groove seamlessly, without missing a hitch.

Us 5 headed out on the trail around 2 pm. An extremely late start for us but we all didn’t care too much. Heck, we were close to wanting to take a zero. We were having severe lack of motivation but we all knew as long as we got back on trail that we would be okay.

The first ten miles flew by. Eliot and I spent the entire time catching up and reminiscing on Ethiopia. Eliot had asked me if I had missed my small little house and life we had in Ethiopia. If I had days where I longed for it like him.

I immediately said yes. Those evenings reading by candlelight. Those nights sleeping with the rain pitter pattering on my tin roof. Cooking fresh produce with my small gas stove while sitting on the floor. Being excited when the electricity turned on.

The simple living. We had both longed for it and the understanding from friends of it.

It’s just so incredibly nice to have someone who gets it. It’s rare to find someone who does. Who knows maybe someday we will head back to Ethiopia!

After 10 miles Eliot decided to head back to his car and we made future plans to hike together.

It was bittersweet saying bye.

Thank you Eliot for stopping by!!

I continued on with Journey for 7 more miles to our campsite for the night.

The trail took us by gorgeous meadows and gave us spectacular views. It was nice to not be stuck in a cloud today.

Actually, the weather today was just perfect. Slightly cool but no rain or fog to freeze us out.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

I still can’t believe I had hiked 17 miles today with such ease.

I’m SO excited for what’s to come! Fingers crossed for continued good weather!

Iz and Oz

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