Day 118: 2600 Miles!

September 5th, 2021

Mile Marker: 2617.3

Miles Hiked Today: 26

We slept in this morning like we didn’t have 25 miles to hike. For some reason 25 miles seems like a lot less than 27 miles. We all just felt relaxed.

We took the morning slow and enjoyed watching the clouds disappear and show the gorgeous mountains behind them.

It was going to be another morning where we hardly hiked any miles early on.

It was a chilly morning but the views were incredible.

We kept taking pictures and while we were heading down the mountain we came up on a mountain goat!

This one was big and strong looking. A beautiful white and stern looking one.

Journey did his usual animal talk which caused the goat to look at us like “What are these humans doing?”

But eventually he walked a little bit further up the mountain and we could pass by.

A few miles later we crossed over 2600 miles and noticed there was no mile marker placed out like usual.

So we decided to make our own for everyone else to also enjoy. I actually found myself enjoying putting this together. Maybe we should have done other ones!

We then took copious amounts of pictures with the marker, proud of our accomplishment.

We are almost there. Just a couple more days.

We took most of the day slow and even took an hour long nap after a long lunch.

I think my body is finally telling me to rest. I am finding myself tired most days and enjoying naps and sleep a bit too much.

It felt a bit surreal today. Thinking about how we only have a day and half before we reach the border.

It’s crazy how time changes while on a thru hike. Where you feel like you have been gone for so long when in reality, you haven’t been gone very long.

I feel like I am on another planet living an entirely different life.

But I am happy.

This is what I am meant to do.

The evening ended with cold, cold temperatures and a picturesque sunset.

Time to bundle up and embrace the cold!

Iz and Oz

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