Day 120: We Did It! Hello Canada!

September 7th, 2021

Miles Marker: 2653.6

Miles Hiked Today: 28

I woke up last night at 2:30 am wide awake, hoping it was closer to 5 am. I felt ready. Ready for today to happen.

Today we would reach the Canadian border. We had 11 miles to go and I was ecstatic. 11 more miles and I will have completed the Pacific Crest Trail! Can you believe it?? I was buzzing.

We got up at 5 am and had our usual oats and coffee. It didn’t feel bittersweet since we knew it wasn’t our last day on trail. We still had 30 miles to backtrack.

Around 6:15 we headed out. All of us relatively close in time but walking separate. We all took time to process the remaining miles. I hiked and looked out into the distant mountains and pondered what will become my newest completed chapter.

Starting the trail 4 months ago, I had no idea what to expect. In a way I felt like I was “winging it” since I didn’t do as much research like I did for the AT. I was just going to start and see what the trail wanted to teach me.

And apparently, the trail had a lot to teach.

The desert taught me patience.

The Sierras made me strong.

Northern California ripped my heart out.

Oregon taught me grit.

Washington put my heart back in and showed me gratitude.

The trail wanted me to go deep and as much as I wanted to resist, it was impossible to.

I fell back in love with how simple life can be.

I worked my body hard everyday. I had an abundant amount of silence. There was no buzz of city life, instead often only the sounds of ones’ footsteps.

A place where I could run my hands along the trees and bushes. Where I could smell the nearby plants. Where I arose and slept with the sun. Where I could actually feel my emotions instead of shoving them away. Where I let myself lean into crying and feeling the pain. Where I have let myself laugh my obnoxious laughter more times in the past 4 months than ever before.

I have felt everything to it’s fullest in every direction.

I fell back in love with me.

There was no masking, everything seemed to become authentic and real.

The most important thing that the trail has taught ME, was what it means for ME to feel really alive.

“This…this is living.” was not only a thought, but a feeling.

I’m grateful. So grateful for the people I met and the kindness they offered. The trail reminded me that people are still good. I think we all need that reminder. I am so grateful for my friends and family back home who were supporting me along the way. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to embark on an adventure like this.

I smiled hiking these last miles, because I am eternally grateful for this experience.

The trail for the last 7-ish miles gave us a nice gentle downhill to the Northern Terminus monument. As though the trail was saying “good job”. Congratulating us on a job well done.

Journey and I eventually met back up and then we met up with Planner who was waiting at a water source.

We had under a mile to go.

My adrenaline was raging. I powered down the trail and when I saw the monument ahead of me, I let out hoops and hollers.

No freaking way?! Was I really here?

I was elevated. I was now officially a double crowner. Only one more to go!

We all took turns taking a ridiculous amount of pictures with the monument and then sat facing it while we ate some lunch. Basking in all the glory of completing a through hike.

We did it. We really freaking did it.

What an amazing journey.

After a couple hours we decided it was time to hike back out.

It felt weird hiking the trail southbound but it also gave us another day on trail and time to process our accomplishment.

We took it easy hiking back and took a nap once we were back to our tents. After an hour we continued on for 6 more miles.

It was a grand day. One for the books. One that I will never forget.

I did it.

I completed the Pacific Crest Trail, closing yet another chapter.

I can’t say thank you enough to all who have read my blogs and supported me along the way.

From the entirety of my heart, thank you!

Iz and Oz

3 Replies to “Day 120: We Did It! Hello Canada!”

  1. Whoooo! Congratulation, IZ! So wonderful. Happy for you. 🥰🌞


  2. Thank you thank you for documenting this incredible journey for us to follow along with! So unbelievably proud of you and all you have accomplished, physically, emotionally, spiritually and on your bucket list. You are amazing, Izzy! Love you so much!


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