Packages Filled With Care.


6:23 PM

So, I have had quite a few folks ask me if they could send care packages/resupply boxes to me while I am out on the trail. The answer to this is….ABSOLUTELY!

In talking with a friend about how to plan this out, I decided to make a list of places that one can send a care package and then one can comment below which place they will be sending something so that others know not to pick that location. That way I do not have an abundance of packages that I cannot take with me.

In knowing when to send a package, one can follow my blog and estimate when they think I will be there and can send it ahead of time. (Most businesses will not throw away a package for a thru hiker; they be friendly people).

List of different locations along the trail and the mile it is at:

Mile 273: Bluff Mountain Outfitters PO Box 114 Hot Springs, North Carolina 28743             Phone Number: 828-622-7162

Mile 468: Adventure Damascus PO Box 1113 128 W. Laurel Ave. Damascus, Virginia 24236 Phone Number: 888-595-2453

Mile 729: Outdoor Trails Botetourt Commons 28 Kingston Dr. Daleville, Virginia 24083         Phone Number: 540-992-5850

Mile 941: Appalachian Outdoor Adventures 2 West Main St. Luray, Virginia 22835                 Phone Number:540-743-7400

Mile 1335: High Point State Park Headquarters 1480 State Rte 23 Sussex, New Jersey 07461 Phone Number: 973-875-4800

Mile 1559: Roy and Marilyn Wiley 47 Washington Mountain Rd Becket, MA 01223                 Phone Number:413-623-5859

Mile 1704: Base Camp Outfitters 2363 Route 4 Killington, VT 05751                                            Phone Number: 802-775-0166

Mile 1968: Ecopelagicon PO Box 899 7 Pond St. Rangeley, ME 04970                                                      Phone Number: 207-864-2771


How to Label a Care Package? 

First off, it would be wise to use Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes. This way it arrives in 2-3 days and I can “bounce” the box to another location if I do not need all the supplies at the current location.

Label:  Isabella Mullins

C/O Business Name


Trail town, State, Zip,

Please Hold for Thru-Hiker

ETA: Month, Day, Year

The ETA can be an estimate, more than likely the business holding it will NOT throw it away if it comes extremely early and the earlier probably the better.

One can also use the phone numbers above to contact the companies and find out their holding policy and/or if they received your package.

What do I want in a care package?

Surprise me!!! Honestly, food will be amazing. (Think light weight food with high calories). I am not picky about food at all, so the more variety the better! Examples of food I will be sending myself…Freeze dried food, protein bars, tuna packets, beef jerky, energy gels, coffee packets…

You can even send letters to help motivate me or a good book you think I might enjoy or something silly…

Honestly, I love surprises, so you can put just about anything and I will be thrilled!

The most important part:

Text or call me in advanace (I will be able to check my phone in town) if you have sent me something and which location you sent it to. This way I know to make sure to go into this business, otherwise I might completely miss it!!


Lastly, each and everyone of you guys have warmed my heart by showing your generosity and support. It seriously means the world to me. ❤

T Minus four days till I start this adventure!!! AHHHHHH



As for Ozzy…He is not a big eater…so he may just enjoy something to look at. 😉







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