Nervous Poops Are Real.

10:42 pm

Its March 31st and tomorrow my dream will be coming to life. I am staying in my first hostel tonight, currently laying on an overflow cot in the basement with Ozzy laying at my feet and I won’t lie…my thoughts are going haywire.

Is this really happening?

I can imagine so much but I know nothing will be as I expect it to be. Everything is completely unknown and as frightening as it can be, as nervous as I am… I am also extremely excited..I can’t believe it is happening.

I spent this past week getting ready for this trip in addition to packing my stuff at home since my parents are moving to Texas. Lets just say I was a little stressed out so the days completely flew by and next thing I know I am boarding a plane for Atlanta.

The place ride to Atlanta was extremely smooth. I initially had pit sweat almost to my elbows because I haven’t flown in a few years…but the beautiful clouds made them slowly drift away as I gazed with amazement.

My attachment with Ozzy grew quite a bit during the plane ride.. I had to check him in and was terrified he was going to come out with his face apart..

Good news. He is alive and well. A little scratch on his eyebrow, but lives on!! 😀

The last couple of days were filled with exploring Atlanta and eating good food all thanks to my dear friend Victoria and her wonderful aunt, Renee. A free stay, free delicious food, and a loving, welcoming heart…I couldn’t of asked for a better time before this adventure.
However, the butterflies in my stomach could not be distracted.

Its here. This is happening. Tomorrow breakfast is at 730 and the shuttle will take us to Springer mountain at 830.

Its really here.

AHhhhhhh! 🙂

I will do my best to keep everyone posted and once again, all the positive vibes I have received are truly something else. Thank you. thank you. thank you.
Iz and Oz

5 Replies to “Nervous Poops Are Real.”

  1. Hosteling is awesome. Beats the generic hotel experience every time. Meet some real interesting people in hostels


  2. Awesome! Have a grand time, Izzy! Can nitwit to read all about your adventures! I love what you are about to embark upon!


  3. You’re on the trail now! How exciting! Tara and I are super jealous. Be safe.


  4. The title made me crack up, I read it in your voice LOL
    I love your updates, Iz!


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