Day 8: The snow can make you strong.

9:39 pm

Total miles: 120

Yesterday morning we woke up in the frigid cold and I wanted to stay in my sleeping bag all day. I literally layed there till about 9 o clock. Finally David asked me if I was alive.

I knew he wouldn’t want to take a zero and he was shooting for 11 miles. Truth be told… I was to…He got up to go to the shelter for breakfast after he packed his belongings. I sat up in my sleeping bag and had a few tears come out again.

I DO NOT want to do this. But, I wiped the tears away and started, slowly but surely putting my stuff together. We were going to do this.

We put on our frozen shoes and layered up and were on our way. After a while we finally warmed up and had feeling in our fingers and toes. We even reached the highest mountain yet. Standing Indian Mountain at 5400 feet.

The day ended up being pretty nice, cool but nice with the sun shining. So we continued on past the 11 to a total of 15. I did it… I sucked it up and I did it. It has made me feel so empowered.

We kept playing a game of cat and mouse with an older man named Chefie. We have seen him at 3 other camp sites and have pasted him multiple times on the trail. He camped next to us and was section hiking.

This morning Cherie woke when we did and wished us fair well as he probably wouldn’t see us again and he said to me.. “little sis, you keep on smiling and you will make it all the way”

Amen, Chefie.

Our first mountain today was named Albert, like my brother.. And Albert… Your mountain was very very difficult. It made David and I mad.

Steps that were made for giants and rocks that you had to scramble up. Intense it was but it led to a spectacular view.

And right after it we hit a hundred miles. YAY!!

Today was a long day. We have an over arching goal to make it to the NOC tomorrow so we can stay at a hotel before David has to leave on Monday. My feet were definitely hurting but we made it to the Wayah tower.. The view was incredible and today the weather has been awesome. Much more fun for me.

I am sad to say that Ozzy has lost an eye brow… So now he looks like either he is winking, flirting with the people behind me…. Or intimidating.. like The Rock… “Can you smell what the rock is cooking??” or raising his eye brow in a concerned manner.. “You sure you want to do this”… Really.. It could go either way.. 😂🙈

Yeah, rest in peace lost eyebrow.

No service again. Update when I can!

Iz and Oz

3 Replies to “Day 8: The snow can make you strong.”

  1. Isabella, You. Are. AMAZING. Take it in and soak it up girl. I’m so proud of you. You are doing so well. I know how snow can get you down. I cried a lot when I was cold like that and I can remember how the inserts of our shoes would freeze over night. Congratulations on crossing your first state line! What a huge accomplishment! And the 100 mile mark!! Just know that I can see within you the strength you have that you can and will draw from in the tough moments. I’m so impressed with your willingness to be present with the difficult emotions because I think that’s a huge part of what the trail takes. I’m thinking of you and so cheering you on each step of the way. And hey–I used to carry some hand warmers for extra cold nights and they were a saving grace and a real comfort a few times. I have some. Text me if you want them mailed to you! And anything else you might need! And you’re inching closer to where we left off! The NOC is actually our next stop whenever we do get back out there. I’m excited because soon I’ll recognize every place you write about!! Hope things warm up out there for you soon!!

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