Day 12: My Dogs are Barking. 

7:35 pm

Total Miles: 165

Another beautiful day. No rain and clear skies. My favorite!!

The morning started with a huge climb called Jacob’s ladder… It went vertical. Such an intense climb, stopping a few times was a must.

Felt ok for the first half and then my feet and blisters were on fire. My left pinky toe nail is very likely to come off. 😬

I’ve come to the decision that I either need bigger shoes or a different pair all together.

I pushed on anyways to make it to Fontana Dam.

A mile or so before the shelter there was a picture and words and boots with pebbles inside laying out.

The note asked hikers to carry a pebble for her husband James to the end of their hike and send a picture to her. Her husband loved the AT and had done a few sections but planned to through hike in 2016 after he retired but was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and passed away in 2015.
Of course I picked out a pebble as this touched my heart.

James.. You and I will complete our dreams together.

I made it to the shelter and The shelter here is known as The Fontana Hilton.

Reasoning… Because it is NICE.

There are tent areas made flat on concrete..There are fully functioning restrooms..


How awesome is that? And the water was hot. Absolutely perfection. I cannot complain.

On top of that… We have a beautiful view of the lake.

I got a good yoga sesh in and plan to wrap my blisters good. Hopefully my dogs can last till either the next town or till I am close to the next Rei  which is in Knoxville.
Oh yeah… Sweetheart made it to this shelter as well. He is a hoot.

Enjoying the sunshine.

Iz and Oz

4 Replies to “Day 12: My Dogs are Barking. ”

  1. Yay! We were at Fontana Dam not long ago! I’m excited that now I’ll be able to visualize everywhere you describe, we’ve walked each step north of there. Part of my heart lives on the AT, so maybe you’ll feel me there, encouraging you on. I’m sorry to hear about your ouchie feet. Mine were torn up a lot in the beginning too. It does get better as your feet become tougher, but good call with maybe getting a different size. If you can call REI they are very good to thru hikers and if you bought your current shoes there they’ll send a replacement pair to your next town stop if there’s time. They replaced several things for us (including our poles and rain jackets) over the course of our hike. They kind of give special treatment to thru hikers if you tell them you’re out in the field and need an emergency replacement. I hope they feel better soon and the sun sticks around. I bet you’re almost in Great Smokey Mountain NP by now!! May it be drier for you than it was for us, crossing my fingers, and enjoy the absolutely spectacular views there! Love to you, Izzy!


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