Day 11: Tramilies

8:40 pm

Total miles: 150
Yesterday I spent my day organizing my stuff and running errands in the morning after David left and getting to my hostel bunk. Which I had the while right side to my self. YAY!!

Then spent the afternoon sitting by the river, for a couple hours just people watching and enjoying the nice weather.

A man came up. He goes by sweetheart as his trail name and he is from Germany. We talked for a while, shared a couple beers then parted to do dinner, I wasn’t looking to spend extra money and go to a restaurant.

While making my dinner in the hiker hostel a woman came in who goes by the trail name Ears, she is from Australia. I had seen her a few times but never knew her. We talked for close to an hour and shared each others stories. It really was a heart felt talk and I was so proud of her and her story. The trail has helped heal her soul (she was out here last year). ❤️

Then to my lovely surprise… In walked “Scheffie” I spelled it wrong in an earlier post. It was a blast to see him. We hugged and shared some beers together with some other hikers he introduced me to.

He is an absolute joy and Im so upset that he is only a section hiker!

It all really took off the glum feeling I had once David left.

Cotton told David and I in the car… You have “tramilies” out here. Your trail families. They may last a week, a couple months, or maybe just an hour, but you bond and become family immediately and he said the trail has a unique way of sometimes rebounding you with a person later on the trail.

The first part is so true… Already. 11 days in. Cotton, I agree and I only hope the second part holds true too.

Today I started out with Scheffie then hiked a while and came upon three people from Wisconsin that I have ran into a couple times. All fresh out of college like me. We hiked for a while together and I decided to camp with them tonight instead of pushing on. We ended up eating dinner at a picnic table that had a gorgeous view.

Good people and great view… Can’t ask for a better night. Left is Dani, we recently gave her the trail name MS. Pots because she cooks with a pot which no one else does. Then Scout, and Spills.

There was also Carly who is a section hiker who is soon to get off… We were amazed at her killer tan lines from her socks.. But all of us didn’t know if that was from dirt or an actual tan. 😂😂

Successful day, we have a huge climb in the morning so it’s time to hit the hay.

Felt little sad in the evening because David wasn’t here. That’s when it really hit me. But I am so glad to be around these people today.. They made it all better.

Ozzy got quite a few compliments today as well. 😁

He is handsome..  I know. 😉

Goodnight to all.

Iz and Oz

2 Replies to “Day 11: Tramilies”

  1. Warms my heart every post you make. You are one beautiful woman! Love you love you!!!


  2. I love reading along with your journey Izzy! And it’s so true, what a unique and special connection you make with people along the way. Some which you’ll leapfrog with over and over again that will likely become life long friends. 💜 Thinking of you out there and can’t wait to read more! Hugs!


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