Day 15: The Great Smoky Mountains.

6:45 pm

Total Miles: 207

Luckily.. A couple nights ago I had no encounter with mice. Whew. Heard them running around but none came near me. Although, when I turned on my head lamp I had a few spiders above my head…. Pete, a fellow who stayed at the shelter with me, got a good laugh at me trying to find a good angle with his sandal to kill them…

Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep.

Yesterday.. Was alot of downhill and rocks and tree roots. Not easy and was painful for my feet.

However, the beginning led to a gorgeous opening.

The day passed rather quick and ended at a shelter about 3 miles from Clingmans dome. Clingmans is the highest point on the AT. The shelter… Was full! Most people stopped here and plan to hike the big hike in the morning then head to Gatlinburg afterwards.

At camp last night I was making my way to the privy and there was a deer just standing there. I came closer and closer and it didn’t get scared at all. Looked at me.. Looked away, walked a little bit and then once I passed it went back. Crazy!!

I got a shot afterwards.

This morning I made the climb to Clingmans Dome.

Unfortunately it was foggy.. But cool none the less!

I still had a big smile that I had made it.

The Smoky Mountains are beautiful. I finally felt like I was somewhere different. Everything was covered in green. It felt like I was in the movies! Constantly wanted to take picture.

I slept really good last night and legs felt good. So had a decent day and ended at Newfound Gap. Which was a popular bumping place. Had some wonderful trail magic too. They had honey buns…and a ton of junk food. Therefore, I chowed down. πŸ˜†

Another lady came buy with post cards. Said for us to fill them out and she will mail then for us… How awesome is that???

People really try to help out hikers its amazing.

Pete and I quickly got a hitch into town by a lovely couple who are doing sections of the AT at a time.

Pete and I got my mail drop and a free shower and headed for a nice meal… I ordered of course a burger and fries.

As did Pete..

We had happy bellies. And still were hungry enough to get Ben and Jerry’s πŸ˜‚

I had no idea Gatlinburg was such a tourist town. SO many people and places to do stuff..

Like take goofy pics.

We got a hotel room with Ancap, B.b. King and one other guy… To save money of course. We plan to take it easy tomorrow and do only a couple miles tomorrow afternoon.

Still contemplating on new shoes now or till I get to Knoxville next week..

I’ll decide tom.

All is well! Ready to relax and do laundry! I am stinkyyyyyyy 😁

Iz and Oz

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