Day 17: Charlie’s Bunion


April 17, 2017

Total Miles: 221

Easter Sunday was a nice Nero. (almost zero miles). Pete and I went to Flapjack pancakes and had an absolute delicious breakfast.. I ordered the peanut butter banana pancakes and eggs. Oh my lanta.. So delicious.

Then we walked around and restocked on food and supplies and as soon as we were about to leave a store to walk to a good spot to stick our thumb out…a lady from inside came and asked if we needed a ride.

Without us saying anything. They said they got a ride the previous day and wanted to pay it forward. They were an absolute lovely couple! ❤️

Hiked 3 miles to the first shelter and took it easy. It was definitely cooler there but we had a pretty wonderful view.

Pete came up with the trail name Pinky for me (for my bad pinky blister)

and Ozzy being called The Brain… So that we are Pinky and the Brain like the cartoon. 😂😂

I turned down the idea… I don’t think I want to be named after my blister. 😂

Today I slept pretty sound in the shelter. It was packed! But I am becoming used to sleeping around strangers. Popular spot it was. Woke up to a beautiful sunrise and started the day in a pretty good mood.

Hiked a couple miles and came to a side trail to Charlie s bunion. I am SO happy I took this trail.

Absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous spot. Took off the pack to climb the next boulder.

The view was absolutely amazing.

And of course, I had to be a goober.

B.B King and Everest were there when I arrived.

B.B. King stayed in a hotel with me in Gatlinburg and gave me advice on my blister and even gave  me a pair of socks that were to help with them. An absolute sweetheart she is.. And her laugh is extremely contagious…. 😂

This place Definitely has a home in top five for views. It sprinkled for a little bit but nothing to much.
Got to shelter around 3 and about an hour later the rain came pouring down. We were so thankful we stopped when we did.

Spent the afternoon stretching, relaxing, and reading. Ready for for good day tomorrow!

I don’t have service now but will post when do.

Iz and Oz

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  1. I feel like we were just there! We stayed at that same shelter last time we were out but there was a huge Boy Scout troupe there so we stealth camped on the hill above. I love that I can visualize exactly where you are as you share. I’m so excited for you and proud of you girl! Hike on! Those moments like when time stands still as you look up and breathe are the ones you carry later in you cells and your being forever. The trail washes you new and you are forever changed.

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