Day 18: Friends Make the World Go Round.

8:30 pm

April 18, 2017

Total Miles: 242

Yesterday I woke up earlier than I have been in hopes to leave the shelter by 8 and meet Jon and Elizabeth at 11. They planned to come hike a little with me. I was hesitant if we would meet at the right time but….

It was kind of crazy how closely we both made it there at almost the same time with out having texted that day. We hiked a little on the AT then took a side trail called cammerer trail and it led to a pretty awesome firehouse lookout.

We even were able to eat lunch inside…

and we just so happened to time it perfectly while inside eating…it rained harder outside and by the time we finished… The rain was just a sprinkle.

We hiked a little father in the AT for a couple miles till they had to part.

I was in good spirits when they came but they left me in even higher spirits.

I can’t put my finger on what it was but having people that I knew come to be and hike with me for a few hours was such an uplifting feeling. It left me smiling and filled with support.. I felt awesome. I actually ended up hiking farther than expected and ended up finishing the Smoky Mountains and at a camp site next to a peaceful stream.

It was quite an amazing day and after putting some miles in. I am pretty pooped…

Ozzy lost an eye!!!! But fear not… I brought repairs. 😂

Still no good service, will post when can.

Iz and Oz

One Reply to “Day 18: Friends Make the World Go Round.”

  1. It’s so true how days like that can refuel you! My sister and bro in law came to Maine and hiked with us for a week when we were two and a half weeks in and it felt so good to see familiar faces. I’m glad to hear you have repairs for Ozzy’s eye and I love to think of you hiking through the great smokey mountains with spare googly eyes in your pack, lol! You’re awesome Izzy!

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