Day 22: The Magnusons

9:30 pm

April 22, 2017

Total Miles: 253

After my max patch adventure Jon Magnuson, who is my good friend Tia’s brother in law came to pick me up and take me back to knoxville to spend a couple days off to visit and have a place to do my Skype interview.

I have stayed with them a few times before when I would come out to knoxville with Tia for a “girls trip”.

This time it was different since it was just me coming over.

And I promise…

You will not meet a better family than this one.

First off… Jon himself had to sit in a car for about 3 hours. And hour and a half to come to where I was on Wednesday and back to knoxville. Then to drop me off again on Saturday.

I had my own room to stay in for 3 nights and an AMAZING bed… I slept unbelievably well 😂😂

It doesn’t stop there.

Erica, Tias sister the next morning let me know that everything in the house was available. I could do laundry, dry out my stuff, eat whatever I wanted, use their computer, etc.

She was even more than willing to drive me around so that I could get my errands done without any worry.

She also made me some bomb ace egg sandwiches and coffee…. Which I mean… Common. SO GOOD.

On top of all that… They even let me have their old nook so that I can have books upon books to read  on this trip just like I wanted.

(I am already obsessed with it).

I felt welcomed and loved more than I could ever imagine.

The generosity poured from each individual.

They truly made me feel special and reinforced that what I am doing on this adventure is pretty dang cool. Constantly supporting me in every way.

What did I do with three whole days off?

I relaxed.

I visited a little with Honey, Tia and Ericas mother ( who I absolutely adore).

I went to their sons Alex soccer game, which I was SO stoked I was able to go.

Caught up on survivor. Of course.

I had a Skype interview.

I replaced some gear, bought groceries, and sent a box home of stuff I realized I didn’t need.

I hung out and played with lil Tev.

I took naps.

I watched the movie a man called Ove (SO GOOD)

I ate really good food… Mmmm… Chicken salad… On croissants…nom nom nom.

I bought some books for the nook.

(If anyone has good book suggestions let me know!!)

I got ice cream with Alex.

I called family.

I just simply be.

My time in Knoxville was exactly what I needed and more.

To each of the family members, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You made me feel like family, I was honestly sad to leave, you guys made me feel like I just fit in so simply.

Saying Thank you will never feel like enough. ❤️❤️

Much Love,

Iz and Oz

3 Replies to “Day 22: The Magnusons”

  1. So glad you got a few days to recharge! Ahhhhh, feels so good. And isn’t it like simple kindness is just so profound when you live out there? Or perhaps it always was, but as the trees and mountains and rivers begin to strip away the layers, we suddenly begin to feel with a deeper sensitivity of heart, and so much more space opens up to see clearly what is important. I imagine you may be feeling that process really begin for you now. I remember it felt like my brain decluttered as my old life began to fall away. My senses heightened. You become part of it all. Sending so much love!

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  2. Hi Izzy.
    Here are a couple of read suggestions.
    For a lighter reading, Dani Pettrey has a series of faith based/action/suspense/romance called the Alaskan Courage collection:
    Silenced, and

    I’m in the middle of my second read of hers. And I don’t want to put it down.

    If you want a bit deeper read, the Circle Series by Ted Dekker are excellent.
    White, and

    These are the four books of the Circle Series but is a small part of the
    Books of History Chronicles, which consist of about 13 books, in all.
    He’s a Christian writer but on a secular level, if that makes sense.

    Anyway, Just throwing these out there now that you have ‘Nook’!
    Glad you are having a great time!
    Stay safe and keep the blisters at bay…

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