Day 27: Blue Suit

April 27, 2017

8:05 pm

Total Miles: 325

I’ve completed over 300 miles!!!!! Eeeeeee!

Yesterday the weather was SO warm I was stoked. Most people really struggle with the heat but I love it. As long as I have water and electrolytes I am good to go and the miles fly.

I started out the morning with smooth trails. Meaning… There were no rock or tree roots to really look out for. I thought to myself… It’ll be easy to cover some distance today.

Of course. I jinxed myself.

I came upon a sign that said this…

And was told by some elderly men that I had some major rocks and boulders to climb but that it would be worth it.
So naturally I picked the harder route and would get to certain parts and laugh and think is this for real?

Or they want me to climb what?!

It was fun. Added some spice to the day.
I kept playing tag with an elderly man since the morning who goes by blue suit because he wears a blue jumpsuit. He would be sitting at shelters taking a break when I came up. The first time he saw me he was shocked and asked what was in my coffee.

The second time he saw me he said “well I’m impressed.”

I left before him and of course he caught up. We talked for a little then he moved ahead. I was rather intrigued by this guy. He seemed to catch my curiosity and so we started talking.

He walked behind me so I could set the pace and gave me wise words and became my “mentor” you could say.

He had hiked before and said this time he was saying goodbye to the hiking life since he had other things in store for him after.

He didn’t use trekking poles either. He said. “Yeah because I know how to walk.”

So I said so I don’t know how to walk?

“The poles are a crutch” he said “just like alot of things people use in life.”

He taught me how to be more efficient with my walking to work on my weaknesses and use my strengths he was impressed with how I have already over come the issue of having short legs and still being able to be faster like taller people Ha!!

He gave me tips on eating and picking out a good tent site.

We talked about men and women and how they are different. How women notice the wildflowers… (like this pic I took earlier!)

and hear noises and can smell differently and how men are more focused usually on the trail and analyzing where they are going to set up and where the trail continues.

We talked about how the trail changes you and the days fly by because you are constantly stimulated with adventure.

He made me think alot. There would be a couple times where he would hesitate and ask if he was boring me or if I was getting anything he was saying. I said “yes I’m just listening and processing”

he said ok because the look Ozzy was giving him was a look like he is crazy… With eyes going in different directions. Haha

He was a pretty legit hiker. And I finished my day at 22 miles and he continued on. He walked as soon the sun came up and didn’t stop till the sun went down. I don’t really think I will see him again. But was truly happy to hear his wise words.

Today I covered a nice 18 miles. It rained a little and was cloudy and foggy most of the day. It actually was pretty cool looking.

I felt alright not the best… I didn’t sleep good at all last night and it really affected me today. Actually  starting to feel A little sick which I hope I can shake.

I don’t have service so will post when can!

Iz and Oz

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