Day 29: Trail Name: Ultra?

April 29, 2017

6:45 am

Total Miles: 342

Yesterday I made it into Erwin, Tenneessee. Woke up feeling absolutely terrible. Stuffy nose and sore throat.

I made sure to drink alot of water while hiking which seemed to help out and the sickness went down some through the day.

It was a hot but gorgeous day. In the morning the clouds/fog were in mountains. Made it look SO cool.

There were pretty waterfalls too that Ozzy wanted a picture with.

I made it to town around 4 yesterday.

And hung out with good people and restocked on food and got cold medicine.

The hostel here provided a free shuttle to wal mart. A lot of people wanted to go do they had to take 2 vans. On the way back our van broke down. Haha!

So we crammed into the other. I found a tiny spot between the driver and passenger seat.

The hostel has having a trail festival so we got free shrimp boil food and music to listen to. It was a BLAST!!!

Not planning to take a zero here today though. Planner, a girl I have been hiking with the past week and I have been pushing the miles together.

It has been actually pretty cool to have someone I know at each shelter. I have a feeling her and I will hike together for a while longer. She reminded me of some of my best friends where we just spill the beans about everything in life and act like we have known each other forever immediately.

She came into the hostel yesterday and said Izzy I think your trail name needs to be ultra.

She said because I just jump into things and do them. Like running a marathon without having done a half or anything close. And running an ultra marathon and picking the 50 miles when the 40 was knocked out. And hiking the Appalachian trail when I haven’t been hiking or backpacking.

I kinda like it…. Will test it out and see if it sticks. 😁

Time to get moving.

Iz and Oz

One Reply to “Day 29: Trail Name: Ultra?”

  1. Ultra sounds like a perfect name for you! You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your journey with those of us still in the land of oz!
    Praying for you constantly and thankful for your brave heart.:)

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