Day 31: Shared Laughter Makes Everything Better.

May 1st, 2017

12:48 pm

Miles: 384

A few days ago Planner and I left the hostel fairly early to get started before the heat. We usually don’t spend the whole day hiking together but that is how the day went.
And…It was a blast.

We spent the day talking about this and that and shared many many laughs.

Specially when I got the toots… Which usually happens after leaving a town and eating some real food and drinking a couple beers. 😂

I got into a giggle fit and was almost in tears. I couldn’t stop. Haha.

I didn’t really think I would want to hike with someone because I usually like to do my own thing but I have extremely enjoyed her company.

We hiked up on Beauty Spot Gap which had some gorgeous views.

Yesterday was tough. Alot of ups and I was tired and my cold was still lingering.

But we still had great views which makes up for alot.

We ended up staying on the highest shelter on the AT! On Roan Mountain.

It was the first shelter that was fully closed in with 4 walls and a door. It had two floors with the second floor being close to the ceilng so you could not stand.

Planner was not excited with our set up. Haha. But I was loving it. I told her to think of it like a fort when we were kids. (least I was always out building forts).

Plus a bad storm was about to roll in …so we just needed to accept it.

Dinner time came quick and Planner had brought a whole bag of carrots with her… What?!?! 😂

Planner and I also struggle sometimes with hanging our bear bags. Because we over do our food…and they are heavy. I like to carry mine like a baby. Its literally my food baby 😁😂

Yesterday Planner ‘s finger got stuck in a knot next to a stick we were using to hang our bags. I was laughing so hard because I didn’t know which end of the string to pull or how I could help. I started doing a pee dance because I literally was so close to peeing my pants from laughter. 😂

Today the weather is crappy. It stormed bad last night so we slept in because it is rainy and extremely windy.

We came up to a bald and I almost fell over. The wind was completely sideways. I felt like I was walking like a sumo wrestler to keep my center of gravity. 😂 I couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness.

We only did 7 miles today so we could get out of the rain and stay at the famous barn shelter. It is actually pretty dang cool.

I’m excited to stretch, read, and relax.

A lady came during the afternoon and brought us trail magic!!! Aka two trash bags full of chips and junk food and cans of pop. It made the rainy cold day a little more bearable.

Alot of people have made their way to this barn for shelter. It is completely packed!!

Hopefully our stuff will dry by tomorrow and it won’t be too cold. Fingers crossed.

I don’t have service, will post when can!

Iz and Oz

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