Day 34: Hump Mountain, Bobs Dairyland, Laurel Fork Falls, Watauga Lake. 

May 4th, 2017

8:34 pm

Miles 442

Day 32: Today started out very cold and windy. Needless to say I was not too happy plus still sick…So I got ready early and started hiking fast to get warm.

We quickly came upon some amazing balds on Hump Mountain. This place was very hard to climb but I couldn’t believe my eyes at its beauty.

It was breath taking. I wish the weather had been nicer so I could have spent more time there.

We made it to a highway and a man was sitting there waiting to give free rides into Roan Mountain. How could we turn that down?!

So we took a free ride.

We decided to get a yummy lunch at bobs Dairyland where there was supposedly an “AT burger”. I decided against it because it was huge!!!!!
So I went with a burger and fries and delicious milkshake. 😁

Since we were in town we went ahead and resupplied on food to get us to Damascus and continued hiking.

We hit some more amazing views. Like Jasons Falls

And an awesome river that I wanted to jump into. Ha!

I also Hit 400 miles!!!! Can you believe it?!

Today was so long and I feel like I did so much! In a good way! I have enjoyed doing things on the spur of the moment like going into town. I loved it. The group I hiked with today was really great and at camp it was a great time bonding.
Day 33

I felt a little bit better this morning but still sound like crap.

We came up Into a National forest. I have completely forgotten the name. But it was so pretty!! Alot of trees with these pink flowers blooming

Then I hit an area where it was straight rock steps down.

The steps were to lead to Laurel Fork Falls and I could hear it as I was maneuvering my way down.

And Laurel fork falls was magnificent.

No picture will do it justice.

The Trail then took us right next to river some parts were on a rock ledge that I found to be so fun!

It was a sunny beautiful day and I was loving it till the last 3 miles I thought I was going to die. My body was just exhausted, we were climbing a big mountain, and we were finishing up a 22 mile day. Thankfully planner was with me this day to keep me going.

Day 34

We did a Solid 19 miles.

A few miles in we came up to Watagua Lake.

Another area that I wish it was better weather to just sit and swim.

While leaving the were two awesome people. Granny and old goat who were doing trail magic.

They were making breakfast!!!!!!!! Pancake and eggs and juices AND to go bags that we could make of junk food. I mean common…. It was so legit and helped get me pumped for the day.

The terrain today has eased up which I am thankful for.

I feel better but still not 100 percent. Pretty Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Going to bed early and bb hopefully the storm tonight won’t be bad.

Not excited for rain and cold tomorrow but hopefully it’ll hold off till we are in town!

Iz and Oz

One Reply to “Day 34: Hump Mountain, Bobs Dairyland, Laurel Fork Falls, Watauga Lake. ”

  1. So great to read about the latest, Izzy! Some of your photos you are standing right where we stood not long ago! Keep your head up, I know it can be so hard sometimes. Mountain after mountain after mountain. But something about the accumulation of all the mountains makes it so worth it. You’re doing amazing. Congrats on 400 miles. That is such a very big deal. Thinking of you every day out there, and still cheering you on!!


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