Day 35: Marathon to Damascus

May 5, 2017

10:38 pm

Total Miles: 469

Last night I threw out the option of pushing it today to make it into town. I really wanted to beat out the cold that Saturday was going to bring and additionally wanted to take 2 zeros to get healthy.

My tramily of Planner, Log jam, and Yak

who we have been hiking together for a few days all felt the same way. Plus we were told the elevation flattens out and we can cream miles.

So. We headed out and a couple miles in were hit with another small breakfast trail magic which I unfortunately forgot to get a pic of them.

Then we headed on and the AT led us through someone’s property and into where their cows roam. It was honestly pretty neat.

The rain was holding off too so I was content.

Then we hiked on for a while and came to road where there was yet even more trail magic!!!!!

They had everything soup, burgers, hot dog, sweets, coffee, anything. It was two guys from Louisiana who love to come out for a few days and cater  to us. One of the guys plans to hike it in a couple years.

Keith is the one on the right..

And this is mark who plans to hike.

And did you see in that picture with keith who I reunited with???!


We were both in shock to have seen each other. He hiked the remainder of the day with us.

It took us a while but we took breaks and made it to the tenn/Virginia border!!

Then eventually… Around 6ish we finally, finally made it to Damascus. Which is a huge milestone for us. Damascus is a big trail town that alot of people talk about. And we finally made it!!!!

Log Jam, Planner, Yak, and I.

We are going to take a couple zeros here.

Currently at a church hostel that only asks for a 7 dollar donation.

Ehhh… We will take it!

It comes with bunks and a shower plus scrubs and t shirts to wear as town clothes so we can go do laundry and be in town and not stink. HA!

We settled in and ate dinner Mexican food and went to the grocery store so I could get some natural products and cold medicine to kick this cold.

A couple days off will do me good.

I can’t believe I am doing this. I can’t believe the beauty my eyes are seeing. I can’t believe the miles my legs have walked.

This is already an incredible journey. Every day is a new adventure and I am loving it. Through sickness and pain. Loving it.

But yes. I really do miss my family and friends and all of the support I receive either through social media, text, phone call, or care package.. Means the world to me.

So thank you for caring about me and rooting me on to accomplish my dreams. ❤️

Iz and Oz

One Reply to “Day 35: Marathon to Damascus”

  1. Ahhh! My heart! I can so relate to what you are feeling. I remember getting to that 500 mile mark and really beginning to feel myself as one with the journey, as your old life begins to fade and you really get into the groove of it. You are simply amazing Izzy! I know what strength it takes. Some of those mountains are really intense. Sending love over the miles!! Take it in with all your senses–I know you are–It becomes a part of your cells.💜 So when you pass by The Partners Shelter at the entrance (or maybe the Exit for you) of Mount Rogers Recreational area that is the shelter we spent our last icy snowing night on the trail before we abandoned the original journey. 😦 So beyond that, you’ll be walking everything we did on our original thru hike of something around 1700 miles in 2012. I love the memories you’re bringing back for me. Love to you, friend!


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