Day 53: Keffer Oak.

May 23, 2017

8:44 Pm

Total Miles: 679
This morning I awoke with anxiety…Not sure why.

Whatever it was flowed off my back once I started hiking. Hiking cures all.

I was feeling GOOD today. The terrain for the first half of the day was awesome.

Then the second half came and so did the HUGE uphills.

The uphills where you can see all the way up. Instead of it being hid by turns and trees.

I arrived to.. Looked up at it with an “oh good lord” running through my head. Today wasn’t loaded with great views at the top either because the unfortunate rain has returned.

It just gets old sometimes.

But we did make it to the biggest oak tree in the south on the AT. Keffer Oak.

It is over 300 years old and 13 ft wide.

I thought it was one of the coolest things ever. It was SO big!!!

My first reaction…
I want to climb it.

If only the rain had subsided. I would have been all over it. So I decided a bear hug was enough.

Anywho. The last 3 miles to the shelter made me feel like such a baby.
On the uphill I complained about being shaky and needed to eat and how this uphill needs to stop going up.

Once on the ridgeline I complained about starting to get cold.

And once turning to the path that said shelter complaining about why the hell is it Point four miles off the trail. The hiker struggle.

Its strange how I can feel so good and then so bad. 😂

Lesson learned?

If I have something to complain about. Stop and fix it then. Because after an hr or so I stopped. Put on my puffy coat and ate a couple bars and felt like a new person. Easy fix.

I wish I liked shelter life but I don’t. I like my tent and my privacy so I had planner help me set up my tent quickly and now am inside enduring the cold wet rain.

We have found our selves in the “bubble” meaning since after trail days there are ALOT of people were we are and right ahead and behind us.

It makes me feel claustrophobic.

But I know it will start thinning out again soon.

Iz and Oz 

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