Day 60: James River Bridge

May 30, 2017

4:53 Pm

Total Miles: 806

Woke up to the sun shining through my tent.

It made me instantly excited to get the day started. No rain. Heck yes!

Started early around 7:45 and flew. It was primarily down hill for the first 11 miles and I was able to do about 3 miles per hour.

It. Felt. Awesome.

We made it to the longest bridge on the AT. James River Bridge. 1000 feet long.

Ozzy and I had to get a picture. (I still get compliments on him, he is the real famous one 😉 )

I waited for planner here and found a nice spot to dangle my legs and eat lunch.

for some reason… I love to dangle my legs. Don’t worry Grandma!! 😬

After lunch was the hard part. More uphills.

It was tough. Like…. Really tough. Mentally and physically.

But we made it to a beautiful shelter that was spacious with tenting options and water flowing every where. I wanted to build a house and live there. 

I found out tonight that planner calls farting winding…  Like “I just winded” or “Im so windy.” She said because she wanted a better word than fart…. I thought this was the best thing ever. I keeled over laughing. 

Even better… I found out she calls pooping… Boom boom. ” Im going to take a boom boom.” hahahahaha. I love this! I’m going to teach her the American Sign Language for both of these… Then we can talk about it all the time and people will have no idea. 😂

Day 60

Today I woke up a little tired. I kept waking up in the night. But, only 11 miles till we are in town. I can do this.

Planner and I walked this morning together and chatted away. The miles at first flew by. We reached 800 miles!!!

Can you believe it?! I sure can’t.

We went into town to Buena vista, Va

so I could pick up a care package my aunt and grandmother sent and resupply on food. I was so excited to see what I got.

It was amazing. They did me well. My aunt even sent my favorite peanut butter chocolate chip bars…

They are to die for…mmmmmmmm.

Thank you so so so much. I can’t even explain how much my heart overflows when I open these packages up. You guys are the best. ❤️❤️

We are a late lunch at TnT Diner which I was craving my usual burger and fries.

It hit the spot. I mean. Like. Really hit the spot. I was dying for some town food.

Planner is a vegetarian so the options were a little more slim. So she got a grilled cheese, green beans, and applesauce.

We then went to visit The Amish Cupboard.

Even though I had already ate. I still wanted to buy everything in there. I don’t know why it all looked better than a normal grocery store… But it definitely did. We got a few items here and at another small convenience store.

We are currently sitting in the library charging our electronics.  A woman that was working at the gas station said she could give us a ride back to the trail later…

How kind people are.

I am ready for this week! And ready to do laundry later this week… Its officially been one week since I have done laundry and 6 days since Ive had a legit shower.. I try to wash off some in the creeks at night.

A lady at the Amish store tried to be polite about our smell.

I asked her ” Do we smell bad? Its hard for me to tell”

Her reply trying to be nice ” I used to work at a farm, so Im used to it”

Hahahaha. Great. I guess we smell like cows.

Too hilarious. But hey like Blue Suit told me. Own it. Own being a hiker and being smelly.

You got it.

Stay tuned.

Iz and Oz

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