Day 61: Homeless Versus Thru Hiker. 

May 31, 2017

8:25 Pm

Total Miles: 832

Everyday I hike and think. Think and hike. Some days Ill listen to music or practice meditation. Mostly… Think. I like to see where my mind wanders.  I thought I might start sharing some of my hiking thoughts.

Most of these have also later been discussed with Planner. We are pretty like minded.

Hiking Thoughts:

Being a thru hiker, like I said in my last post, we are kind of “famous”.

We are very easily picked out.

We have a huge pack on our backs, usually carrying trekking poles, we have dirt on our bodies and or clothes, and we will have a certain stink of sweat and hard work as we near.

People who see us usually become excited and will try to help out if they can. Through trail magic by posting up somewhere and giving out free goodies. By giving us a free lift to where ever we need to go. Some will let us shower in their complex for free. Some will let us do laundry for a very cheap price.

What I am trying to get at, is hand outs/helping hands is not uncommon for us to run across.

Constantly we have our faith in humanity restored. Ask any hiker. They will agree.

However, I am “homeless.” I literally have no home. Everything I am surviving on is in my pack and on my body.

That is it.

What is the big difference between me and a homeless person you see in town.

Why don’t we treat every homeless person like we treat thru hikers.

Why aren’t we looking at homeless people with excitement in our eyes and asking them, what can I do to help? Just like people do to thru hikers.

Why aren’t we giving them free showers and a helping hand too.

Yes, I am fully aware that there are shelters and places for homeless to go to, to get help. That’s not what I question.

my question is at the average Joe’s that see homeless people and try to quickly look away, to pretend they aren’t there, and not want to help. I know Ive done this myself.

I know there are certain characteristics and situations that come into play. Its a broad generalization… Like I said just hiking thoughts.

For some reason being “homeless” myself and seeing all the support I have makes me wonder if we did that for every one who was struggling just how much better we all could be…

Day 60

Last evening we got a hitch from the lady that worked at the convenience store. She was SO sweet. Her name was Taryn. I wish she would have accepted our money offer but she politely declined.

We ate a honey bun to give us some energy because we had yet another big climb and well… They are delicious. 😋

I decided to turn on my one podcast I have saved to my phone. Its the Rich Roll podcast when he interviews Davids Goggins who was a Navy Seal. If you haven’t listened to it and need some motivation…. Its legit.

It got us up the mountain and we continued for a total of 6 more miles to a camp site. Ending the day with a solid 17 miles while also going into town.
It was our first evening hiking and being able to see a beautiful sunset.

We were stoked. Nice cool weather and gorgeous views.

We found a good spot to set up before the sky was completely dark.

It was a great day.

Day 61

This morning I seriously think Planner was going to hit me. 🙈

I have a problem…I cannot sleep in. Doesn’t matter what time I go to bed… I always wake up around 6 to 630. 

We had agreed on sleeping in… Which you are probably thinking well she still could? But our tents are usually close together and my sleeping pad is rather noisy so when I shuffle about, she hears it all. 😬

On the positive side. I had an absolute pretty sunrise. The best way to wake up.

We planned for a 19 mile day which was less than usual especially with the easier terrain. So we took our time.

I made it to Spy rock which was a huge rounded boulder that had views up top.

I was not sure which way to go up so I kind of just started climbing up. I made it up and had full 360 views.
Planner came up later from another side where locals showed her how to get up… Way way easier.. Oops.

We made it to a shelter just in time before a quick pop up storm occurred. So we sat in the shelter and had some snacks.

There were two mice in there that are fear less. They kept trying to come out and get some food but Planner and her snapping and “threatening comments” kept them at bay. 😂

The storm passed and now we reside by another river.

I set an awesome bear line….

I’m strangely tired and ready for bed.

Iz and Oz

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