Day 69: Cinnamon Rolls and Mulberries.

June 8, 2017

8:43 Pm

Total Miles: 984

Hiking thoughts:

I have started to realize that going into town is something I am starting to despise.

While walking on the trail  I hear the birds chirp, the wind through the trees, water running…peaceful sounds.

Even what I see all day everyday, the trees, the wild flowers, the animals… peaceful.

While walking on the trail and coming close to a road or town I start to hear the rushing of cars, police sirens, I feel like I can hear the hustle and bustle.

When this happens I feel like I can feel the anxiety start to seep back into my skin. The overwhelming feeling of I need to “go, go, go”.

It almost feels similar to when you walk through a spider web and try to get it off swatting away to no avail.

Towns start to overwhelm me.

There are so many people, so many noises, so much rushing. 

Yes I so so enjoy having a good town meal and doing laundry and showering. I just wish I didn’t have to feel this anxious, rushing feeling every time I get there. Worrying about a ride, where to go, where to stay, etc. etc.

It does help me appreciate the mountains even more though and that I am thankful for.

-Brown Suga
Day 68

Woke up this morning to two small bucks walking around our camp site. Just minding their own business, not terrified of us at all.

It was intriguing, I sat and watched out of my tent with excited eyes.

Planner and I started the day out together. We planned to stop at one of the wayside.

Oh yeah. The Shenandoahs have what is called a wayside where it is a small camp store and grill where you can buy food.

Awesome for people who have alot of money because then they don’t have to carry as much on their backs.

Poopie for us folk who have to be frugal with our money.

However, we went to this last wayside in the Shenandoahs and they had some huge 1 dollar cinnamon rolls.



Cinnamon Rolls.

Oh baby.

I was all over it. That thing went down so fast. Then I looked at planner and asked… “should we get another”

We both laughed and came to the conclusion that yes…yes we should.

So we loaded up on sugar and for the first hour or so after we kept being goofy and laughing our butts off.

My good friend knows… When I get a sugar high, I get real weird.

Planner was even in tears at one point.

The rain started around 2 and pretty much didn’t let up.

We were soaked but continued on to finish our 23 mile day.

Thankfully when we got to the shelter there was only 2 so there was plenty of space for us to stay inside it instead of setting up our tents.

Usually I am so pro tent life but last time my tent started to leak a little bit when the rain didn’t let up. So I sucked it up and got my things out to sleep in the shelter.

We are finally out of the Shenandoahs. We have a couple days then Harpers Ferry! 

I cannot contain my excitement.

Day 69

We started the morning slow. It was rather chilly and we both knew that our clothes would still be soaking wet plus we only had an 18 mile day planned.

So we slept in (I slept in till about 6:15) and we didn’t head out till about 9.

We took our time. I thoroughly enjoyed my coffee while watching the sun start to shine through.

We made it to the Jim and Molly Denton shelter for lunch.

What in the world.

It was so nice.

It even had a shower.

We took a nice long lunch on the chairs.

Planner knows quite a bit about plants. She saw a mulberry tree and went berserk picking them off and popping them in her mouth.

I was hesitant.

“are you sure those aren’t poisonous?!”

She just laughed.

I waited to see if she would keel over…..she didn’t.

So I had one. Actually. Quite tasty.

It was really a gorgeous day.

We later ran head on with a fawn and mother. They were happily frolicking down the trail and boom here are two weird humans standing in their way.

They both paused and then the mother who was in the back went into the woods in the left and the dawn stood there shaking in his boots with wide eyes and fear.

I felt so bad!! It soon darted into the woods to the right.

I wish it could of understood that I wouldn’t hurt it!

It was just about the cutest thing I have seen.

A good day when the sun is shining.

Iz and Oz

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