Day 67: “Eat, Fart, and Be Happy”.

June 6, 2017

9:33 Pm

Total Miles: 927

The rain is back. Yippee skippe. I was extremely fortunate to have awoken early and get my tent and bag packed before the rain came down.

I scarfed down a clif bar and peanut butter wrap and headed out. 

I saw my first Bear of the day.

I actually wasn’t with planner and was hiking along all up in my thoughts. Mostly cursing the knot in my back and I heard this loud snap.

A loud snap of a branch breaking that someone had walked on. Followed by heavy footsteps.

Slowly my brain came to the sounds I was hearing.

An alarm went off in my head. THAT  IS PROBABLY A BEAR ISABELLA!!!

So I quickly looked to the right and a big ol black bear was walking south while I was walking north. Oh my goodness!!!

The bear didn’t even acknowledge me. “Aint no body got time for humans” I imagined him saying.

He looked so incredibly fluffy and cuddly.

I wish bears and humans could be friends so I could have a huge warm bear hug from him.

Id probably fall asleep in his arms…

Later I saw a Bob cat. Supposedly they are really popular around here too. It just looked like an over sized  cat with a small tail

Then. I saw bear number two. He was digging away at something and I had my phone close since it had stopped raining.

I definitely started taking a video. 😂 Another hiker came up behind me. The bear heard this guy (not me) and then started walking away nonchalantly.

The bears here really do not care about humans. Its so strange.

I walked a little bit further and saw a hiker named Cups sitting up with this lady that had just come out of an RV At a camp site. (the trail went right on the outskirts)

She hollered ” Are you a thru hiker?!”


Come on up we got food!!

They were just arriving but they come out every year and camp for 4 days and do trail magic. They apologized for not being organized but started to bring the food out for us.

Oh my. They had it all. Fruits. Veggies. Cookies. Chips. Beers. Hot dogs. Honey buns. Etc. etc.

I was ecstatic. It was completely unexpected and was a great way to up my spirits with such a boring day. We sat for a while and chatted.

This group even made shirts. It was fantastic.

We only had 3 miles to hike to shelter afterwards.

A poopie day can easily be turned around.

Day 67

Today was a town day to resupply.

So we did 14 miles to a road to hitch into Luray, VA.

We actually had one good view on the way. Finally!!

As we approached a picnic area to have lunch a couple came and talked to a few of us for a while. Just asking about our trip, what we cook with, etc. Then they asked if we needed any food as they had sandwiches. 

But we were already eating. They went to leave and came back with bananas and clif bars and gave us all some. They were such a nice couple! Small trail magic out of the blue.

While eating lunch planner and I were becoming a little chilly. So she put on her rain jacket and I put on my puffy. As we started walking I said “uhm Planner… We look like twins now.”

Both wearing a purple jacket and grey shorts.

We got a good chuckle from this.

I forgot to mention we caught back up to a guy named Alex. We hiked a little with him before trail days. I actually met him at the NOC a long time ago. But only saw him here and there.

He is from ironically the same place that Planner is, Charlotte, North Carolina. He also hikes very fast. So we usually just meet him at camp.

Anywho, We got to Luray and went to the post office to send some stuff we no longer needed. Then headed to grab a bite to eat while charging our supplies.

On our way in to town I asked the lady driving what was the best place to eat in town that was cheap.

Immediately she said Uncle Bucks, great home cookin food that’s cheap. Sweet perfect. I’ll take it.

It was SO GOOD. Burger and fries. Oh man…

We then went to an ice cream shop next door.
It was even better.

While we were leaving the restaurant the owner of uncle Bucks was eating and started chatting to us and then asked if we needed a ride back.
We still needed to resupply so we said we weren’t ready yet. He said take my card. Call when you are and Ill take you back.

Wow. Ok. Uhm. Thank you!!

So we resupplied. Called him. And he gave us a lift.

A hilarious, hilarious man. He takes and joked alot. He said he was going to work on a book called “Eat, Fart, and Be Happy”.  I thought this was a fantastic title. 😂

He also pulled over on the highway, ran out and told us to follow him just to show us the wild asparagus that grows all over.

It tasted so so juicy and fresh. Way better than what you buy in stores.

We hiked one mile to the shelter when we got back and set up camp.

The Shenandoahs are becoming a little bit better. But I am still anxious to get to Harpers Ferry!!

Iz and Oz 

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