Day 65: The Shenandoahs.

June 5, 2017

9:04 Pm

Total Miles: 904

Hiking Thoughts:

I miss my family and friends.

Not the kind of miss where I am going to find the next closest airport and fly home.

But the kind of miss where I wish I could be like Rick Moranis in “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” and I could shrink my family and friends and put them in my pack.

That way they can see what I am seeing.

That way they could share this experience that I am experiencing.

That way they can walk, talk, laugh and cry with me.

That way I can feel their warm embrace when we hug. The only kind of warmth that is felt through family and friends.

I feel a bit selfish with my thoughts today actually. I keep wishing I could of paused “real life” while I left to hike and that everything would be the same when I got back.

Like being able to come back to my parents house in Gardner instead of them moving but Im so happy they are following their desires.

Or being able to see my younger brother again instead of him leaving to study abroad before I get back but Im so thrilled he is following his dreams.

Or being able to know exactly what is going on in my best friends lives instead of missing out.

But these selfish thoughts, this wanting to pause real life, is hypocritical of me.

Very. Hypocritical of me.

Because I know. One hundred percent that I will not come back the same woman I was when I left Gardner, Kansas on March 29th.

It strange to think the only people I constantly talk to from home is my Grandmother and parents since I have been out here.

Not that I feel the need to talk to people back home all the time, nor would I want to actually…

For some reason, I desire to be completely unattached from my “real life” .

To take on as much as I can out here with no worries back home. With no wondering about that  “life”. To completely dive into this adventure with out looking back.

The good thing is…

Is that I know my people back home are still rooting for me even if we hardly talk since I’ve been out here.

I hope you all know I still think of you all the time. I mean. I hike and think all day… Trust me I still think of you all. ❤️

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the support I have and your comments to me are greatly appreciated even if I don’t respond sometimes.

Please continue to send the good vibes this way. It is always reassuring.  And it motivates me more than you guys could imagine.

I like to think I am doing this trip for people back home.

But no.

I’m not. I’m doing this for me.

Completely for me.

Its just you guys who continue to keep me strong. ❤️

-Brown Suga

Day 64

So. The cot. That I thought would be so comfortable. Was SO not comfortable. Like… I hardly slept.

So I arose early around 5:50.

We had to be out of the hostel by 9. So we decided we would head out for the trail then too.

I found out that Planner is very talented in the music scene.

I went over to play some small tunes my grandmother had taught me and she went over and played some beautiful piece. I was extremely jealous and it reminded me of my grandmother.

Grandma, I miss you very very much.

Spent most of the day hiking by myself.
Planner and I are a good team because we don’t always have to be together. We jive well. Do I think we will make it to the end together. Yes. Yes I do. She will say the same thing.

I was excited for Shenandoah… But quickly disappointed.

Boring boring boring day.

They call it The Green Tunnel. I wonder why. 

One cool part of today however was that I Met a guy named Shepard. He has hiked the PCT, the continental divide, and now hiking the AT. Therefore he will be a triple crowner!! He said the AT is by far the hardest… terrain wise.


“If your not going up your going down and if your not going down your going up” he said.

He even started with trail legs and you could tell the up and downs got to him still. However, he is flying. He started April 16.

We got to camp and there was hardly any spots to camp. The ground was so rocky. Planner and I had some good laughs trying to find a spot that didn’t send us rolling down the hill.

There are alot of people here. Some thru hikers. Some section hikers. Some weekend hikers. It is a little much for me but oh well. I can manage.

Day 65

Today was pretty plain Jane unfortunately.

No great views but did run across a little trail magic!

A man named Nerdy Pants was posted up in a parking lot giving out sodas and bananas/apples. I sat and drank a coke while chatting with him. He is a section hiker. Currently he is a middle school teacher so he spends his summers traveling and hiking.

We talked about how I needed to get a job in a school system so I can do the same.

I have been told ” You will definitely see a bear in the shenadoahs”

Nerdy pants said he saw three this morning! What?! No fair!

Afterwards I had perked ears. I was ready to spot a bear! I was craving it.

No such luck.

I ran across a neat sign today that talked about the Appalachian trail.

My eye balls about fell out of their sockets.

The AT is equivalent to Mount Everest 16 times.

I guess Shepard was right…

Also, I passed mile 900 today! That was exciting.

Oh, I also saw an absolutely gorgeous butterfly..

It seemed to pose for me to snap a picture.

I’m hoping for a more exciting week.

Iz and Oz

2 Replies to “Day 65: The Shenandoahs.”

  1. Hey Izzy-been reading your blog for the past 60+ days. Amazing. I really admire your grit, humor, and perspective on life. Keep pressing on. We are proud of you in G-town.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I miss you too Isabella. I am happy you are sharing this experience with me. I know God has a plan for you and is preparing you for His plan for your life. Remember “they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength………” Ily. 💝😘 new phone!! New emoji

    Liked by 1 person

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