Day 72: Washington D.C.

June 11, 2017
10:45 PM

Total Miles: 1023

I slept in till about 9ish/10. Probably because I was in a bed and because I didn’t get to bed till around 3.

We all woke up and slowly got ready to grab a breakfast.

It was only about 10:30 and it was scorching hot. Sparkie left us a list of places we could eat breakfast and we started the walk down H street that had most of these places and other shops.

We ended up deciding on whole foods.. You can’t beat whole foods.

I had a HUGE breakfast from the buffet and a latte.  I couldn’t spend alot of money here. But if I was going to it was going to be spent on a good breakfast to last me the day.

Mmm… The latte was delicious… I hadn’t had one in so long.

We spent the day going to museums. Like the air and space museum.

Then we headed to the National  Art gallery where naturally the pictures I liked best were landscape ones.

Saw Leonardo Da Vinci s work…

After we went to the natural history museum and it was by far my favorite.

A fawn and doe. This is exactly what I saw in my earlier post. So you can imagine the cute little guy staring at me while shaking in his boots.

My favorite part of the museum however was the photography section. We sat and watch a film about some of the best photographers and the expeditions they go on.

I am so jealous. What a fun job that would be.

Ugh. I need to get into some photography classes asap.

On top of that. I thought… Wow look at all these pictures, all of these beautiful places… I want to go to all of them.

My exploring this world is never going to stop. There is so much to see…

They also had the Hope Diamond. So pretty..

We went into the insect section… I hope I never see a spider this big in my life.

We finished up there and went to the Archives Museum and I was able to see the declaration of independence. It was actually pretty dang cool to look at… To bad pictures arent allowed.

From there we walked to see the white house. Which was neat. I see it so many times on the television…But seeing it in person is entirely different.

It was fun walking around and seeing the city.

But by the end of the day my feet were tired and I couldn’t shut my brain off about how I felt about this city. This gigantic city.

All this trash. All these homeless people. All these buildings. All these material things.

What does it mean.

Why are things the way they are.

What is life?

I am not sure I can completely articulate how I felt by the end of today.

Something that will probably flourish as I am hiking and will share it in hiking thoughts later on I am sure.

We finished our evening resupplying on food for the week and watching some T.V. We just wanted to veg out and not do a darn thing.

What a full day.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to be here.

Iz and Oz

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