Day 74: “Strong Gaits and Smiling Faces”

June 13, 2017

10:25 PM

Total Miles: 1050

Day 73

Slept in again today and slowly got my belongings together. I was itching to lay on Sparkies couch all day.

I could of not asked for a better place to stay in D.C.

And I could of not asked for a better host.

Sparkie not only had a great house location but she also was so helpful in making sure we were set, gave us her bed, let us shower, let us do laundry, so welcoming to us stinky hikers.

We left her house around noon. We were all excited for her because she was getting ready to go hike in Iceland for a week or so!

Sparkie. Thank you so much for being such a great help in our D.C. adventure.

From there we headed to REI. Planner wanted to get new shoes and I needed to pick up some bug spray. ( The bugs LOVE them some Brown Suga 😉 )

This REI was huge!!!

After REI we headed to the train station to get back to Harpers Ferry.

I didn’t realize how much history Harpers had. The trail took us through the old down town outskirts.

We had a Nero and hiked 7 miles to the first shelter.

The train ride and first part of walking with Planner I was pretty quiet.

My brain is still on overdrive from the D.C. Experience. I felt tears weld up in my eyes.

When I am deep in thought. I get really quiet.

I knew Planner thought I was mad at her so I informed her that I wasn’t at all. I just sometimes get really involved in my head.

Planner likes to talk things out immediately. I like to ponder for a while until I can articulate my words in the way I really want to.

Having the conversation later though helped us both learn more about each other and how we process.

We arrived pretty late to camp and got ready for bed.

I threw my bear line and my bag of rocks and carabiner got stuck in a tree.

Oh good gravy I thought. So I had to take a knife and cut the line. Just like I have done so many times while fishing. My father can probably agree with that as he has cut the line for me alot.  🙈

It was a scorcher today and it is still pretty hot tonight. All of us can’t even sleep in or on our sleeping bags.

I’m ready to do some miles tomorrow. Lets reach the actual halfway!!

Day 74

We are in Maryland!

And boy does it have alot of history.

We saw the original Washington monument. It was actually really cool. I was so happy that people had told us to take this side trail.

We were able to take the winding stairs and go to the top.

I was loving it.

Right before the monument we had a little trail magic from a section hiker called tumbleweed! He was hanging out giving out Gatorade and fruit because well…. It is H.o.t.

Around 102 today. So staying hydrated is muy importante.

We weren’t hiking fast today. With freshly resupplied bags and heat. We were slugging but were okay with it because there was alot of views to enjoy.

We reached another side trail for Annapolis rocks. Tammy had let us know to take this trail.

So we did. It was SO worth it.

Planner, Alex, and I hung out there for a while since we only had a mile and half to our camp site. The rocks made a bed perfect for Ozzy and I.

Then… I decided Ozzy and I should take a picture… Like he is Simba. 😂 just go with it.

On our way up to the rocks we passed an older gentleman. He eyed us and said “You guys are going to Maine aren’t you” we laughed and said yes and chatted for a little bit.

We then asked how he knew we were thru hikers.

“You guys have strong gaits and smiling faces”

Planner and I looked at each other and smiled.

Hmm..We really liked that.

We made it to camp with time to spare. It was nice.

Lesson learned today… Do not eat freeze dried beans any more.

Last night I ate freeze dried beans and veggies. It was delicious.

However…. You know what they say. Beans are the magical fruit that make you toot.

And oh my goodness.

You know when you “wind” under the covers or such and try to trap it so you don’t smell it.

Yeah. Well. They can get stuck in a tent too. I should of probably cowboy camped outside in the wide open woods.

The whole day today my little tramily of Planner and Alex had to suffer greatly.

But, I am glad we are comfortable enough where they still want to hike with me afterwards. 😂

I think it really solidifies and bonds the tramily.

So. Worth it a little bit 😉

Iz and Oz

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